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Wild Ride to Fakarava and the Insane ...

Wild Ride to Fakarava and the Insane Standing Waves!
We are happy to report that Ellie is safely anchored off the village of Rotoava in the NE corner of Fakarava.  We just survived the most insane 2 hours we have had on the voyage thus far.  As if the wild downwind ride from Makemo in 30 knots and big breaking seas wasn’t exciting enough, we had to spice it up with wind against curren [...]

Still Hiding Out at Ellie Island and ...

Still Hiding Out at Ellie Island and Surviving the SHARKS!
Hey Everyone!  Happy Friday! We are back at Ellie Island on the east side of Raroia atoll after a couple days on the west side of the atoll where we were diving the pass. Anchoring on the west side of the lagoon was a sh!t show to say the least.  We spent a whole afternoon anchoring no less than three times.  The entire bottom is coral that [...]

Our Own Private Island

Our Own Private Island
We have been anchored behind our own private island we named ‘Ellie Island’ for the past two days.  We found this spot on our Google maps satellite images and threaded our way through coral heads and reefs to get here.  It’s even more picturesque than the last spot.  Palm trees, white sand beaches, turquoise water, tons of c [...]

Anchored in a Postcard – WeR...

Anchored in a Postcard – We’re in Raroia!
We are anchored on the east side of Raroia atoll in the lee of a palm tree-covered island in the most beautiful setting I have ever seen.  Life is amazing.  We made it to paradise and are anchored in a postcard. Ellie and crew are doing well and we had a great passage.  We covered 425 miles from Ua Pou to Raroia in 2 days and 22 hours, an av [...]

Marquesas to Tuamotus – Day 3

Marquesas to Tuamotus – Day 3
We have covered over 300 miles in the past 48 hours; a new record, and this is without much help from the west setting current.  Still maintaining over 6 knots despite the attempts of the squalls to slow our progress last night.  Yesterday the waves subsided and the sailing was awesome.  Unfortunately it never lasts and we are back to 20+ kno [...]

Tearing Across the Pacific, Bound for...

Tearing Across the Pacific, Bound for the Tuamotus
Kaoha Nui, We are barreling along on a beam reach and have managed to maintain speeds over 6.5 knots for the past 22 hours covering 140 miles since leaving Ua Pou yesterday; this will certainly be a new 24 hour record for us.  Trying to maintain speeds above 6 knots so we can make it to Raroia in under 3 days, a passage that normally takes 4 [...]

Video: Marquesan Manta Rays

Video: Marquesan Manta Rays
We shot this video while kayaking Hanamoenoa Bay, Tahuata in the Marquesas Islands. Share this:EmailShare on TumblrPrintMorePocket

Is a week too long? Maybe, but it’s s...

Is a week too long? Maybe, but it’s still Paradise!
Ka Oha from Alyssa! Nuku Hiva is a major port of entry, so there is everything you need. There are groceries, restaurants, wifi cafes with free high speed internet, bakeries, a hardware store, vehicle traffic, and, more recently, it sounds like a techno club stays open overlooking the bay which is full of about 55 other boats. The first few d [...]

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