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Long Awaited Pictures!!

Long Awaited Pictures!!
We know these pics are way overdue but we haven’t had internet for over two months!  Here are pics from Toau and Raroia in the Tuamotus, Anaho Bay on Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas and a couple pics from the passage to Hawaii. Sorry for not having more to post from the passage but we were naked the entire time and can’t post the pics [...]

Land Ho! We’re in Hawaii after...

Land Ho!  We’re in Hawaii after Two Weeks at Sea!!  – Passage Summary
After leaving Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva two weeks ago and sailing 2,050 nautical miles we have sighted land and are quickly closing with the big Island of Hawaii. This evening we find ourselves 20 miles east of Cape Kumukahi and a mere 40 miles out of Hilo. I can see the bright lava flow of Kilauea off in the distance. What a cool landfall! We wil [...]

Nuku Hiva to Hawaii, Day 14

Nuku Hiva to Hawaii, Day 14
  We have only 115nm to go and are counting down the miles. We have gone 146nm in the past 24hrs. We are keeping up speed around 6kts, only because the wind is expected to die off completely as we near the big island as it rises above the volcanic mountains. We will likely take our time once we are near and motor in at first light so we [...]

Nuku Hiva to Hawaii, Day 10

Nuku Hiva to Hawaii, Day 10
What a rough night. We’ve sailed 1324nm from Nuku Hiva and have 752nm to go. As we finished dinner last night, we could see we were approaching a very large squall line. Within 2 hours we had mixed seas, gusts of 20kts winds from opposite directions, long periods of no wind, and lots and lots of lightning. I immediately put our portable [...]

Marquesas to Hawaii Day 9 – Rid...

Marquesas to Hawaii Day 9 – Riding the NE Trades!
We are 9 days out of the Marquesas and have put 1,200 miles in our wake since leaving Anaho Bay.  We’re officially through the ITCZ and riding the light NE trades over a gentle NE swell.  The ITCZ was almost non-existent with a few squalls just heavy enough to rinse the salt off Ellie’s rigging.  The motor came on for half a day w [...]

Crossed the Equator Twice this Season...

Crossed the Equator Twice this Season!
We just crossed the equator and are officially back in the Northern Hemisphere.  Strange…it looks the same…but it is definitely starting to get cooler each night.  We are 4 days out of the Marquesas.  We have covered 550 nm and have 1,400 more to go.  We are making great speed averaging 6.7 knots and making 150 miles per day.  The [...]

Marquesas to Hawaii – Day 2

Marquesas to Hawaii – Day 2
We are 250nm N of Nuku Hiva and 1,700nm SSE of Hawaii.  All is well.  The weather is pleasant with 12 knots of wind out of the East and seas less than 6 feet.  We are under full sail with the wind just forward of the beam on a heading of due north.  The current is strong and pushing us westward at about a knot so our actual COG is 345-350 Tru [...]

Leaving the Marquesas in Our Wake ...

Leaving the Marquesas in Our Wake … Setting Sail from Anaho Bay, Bound for Hawaii
Today we are sailing out of Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva bound for Hawaii.  We have overstayed our visa by three months so it’s time to leave before the French Man finds us.  We have 2,100 nm to cover before making landfall in Hilo.  We are hoping for a pleasant passage with 10-15 knots on the beam, gentle seas and puffy trade wind clouds.  The [...]

We’re Back in the Marquesas!! W...

We’re Back in the Marquesas!! We Caught Monster Mahi and Tuna!!
After 5 days and 500 upwind miles we find ourselves anchored beneath towering rugged spires with the pungent aroma of the tiare flower filling the cabin.  What a surreal feeling to be back here.  We are exhausted yet brimming with an overwhelming excitement, such a strange mix of wonderful emotions. The highlight of our passage was definitely [...]

On Passage – Raroia to the Marq...

On Passage – Raroia to the Marquesas
This evening I am proud of Ellie and her crew.  Any damn fool with a pile of flotsam can put up a swath of canvas and drift downwind.  It is a beautiful achievement to raise purpose-cut cloth, sheet it in at the perfect angle and gracefully drive a yacht upwind over swells and against the current.  That is exactly what Ellie is doing tonight. [...]

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