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Suwarrow to Samoa – Day 2 ̵...

Suwarrow to Samoa – Day 2 – Roller Coaster Ride!
Day two finds us 230 miles from Samoa – halfway. We are running downwind in stiff trades and breaking seas. We smartly sailed SW out of Suwarrow in anticipation of finding the strong SE trades and therefore being able to run off W-WNW once in their clutches. Good thing because we are now running from 30+ knots gusting higher. The tough [...]

On Passage to Samoa

On Passage to Samoa
We sailed west from Suwarrow yesterday and have covered 150 very rolly miles so far. We are still 300 miles from Samoa, two days if the wind holds. The forecast was calling for a big area of dead air and low pressure to form over Suwarrow this week so we decided to pull anchor and ride the remaining easterlies to Samoa. It was a great experie [...]

Enjoying the Solitude of Isolated Suw...

Enjoying the Solitude of Isolated Suwarrow and Diving with Sharks!
Kia Orana from Suwarrow! The SE wind finally backed off and clocked east, allowing us to ride peacefully to our anchor. We were the only boat here for a couple days, which was quite a treat. A French boat has since arrived, but their English is very limited, so Alyssa is still waiting in quiet anticipation of an English-speaking boat to arriv [...]

Finally Anchored in Suwarrow After an...

Finally Anchored in Suwarrow After an Insane Storm
Holy sh!t. So much for an easy SPCZ crossing! After I wrote that last blog we caught a 60lb yellow fin tuna, processed it and then after Lyss went to sleep all hell broke loose. The SPCZ was insane with 20ft breaking seas and 40 knots of wind. We got into the ‘lee’ of Suwarrow but it was anything but and we got our ass handed to [...]

The Pleasant Sail to Suwarrow (Suvaro...

The Pleasant Sail to Suwarrow (Suvarov)
We are three days out of Penrhyn and closing on Suwarrow, 28nm SW of our position. Suwarrow is a small coral atoll with very few motus and only one person in residence. It is the island where Tom Neal lived for 25 years alone; he wrote a book about his stay called ‘An Island to One’s Own.’ I wish I had a copy aboard but they [...]

The Difficult Task of Leaving Penrhyn

The Difficult Task of Leaving Penrhyn
Lewis and I are on our way to Manihiki, a 200nm sail downwind from Penrhyn. It was a rough day yesterday while getting ready to leave. First we woke up around sunrise to finish readying the boat and pull up our 3 anchors (yes, we had 3 anchors out! Two on our bow and one on our stern so we wouldn’t swing into shallow water or hit the co [...]

Sailiing West from Penrhyn to Suwarro...

Sailiing West from Penrhyn to Suwarrow
After three great weeks in Penrhyn, we have decided to sail west. We will cross the lagoon in the morning and anchor off Omoka village to clear out and pay up. Then we’ll put to sea and sail for Suwarrow, another atoll 400 miles downwind. I would like to buy some more diesel as the wind is forecast to lighten halfway to Suwarrow. Hopefu [...]

Pictures from Te Tautua and Broken Pa...

Pictures from Te Tautua and Broken Palm Island, Penrhyn
Unbelievable! We caught an internet signal a mile away from the village out at our secluded Broken Palm Island! The internet has been down for a week but the supply ship came in yesterday and they fixed the wifi. As a result, here are some pics of the past week: Anchored off Te Tautua village Waterfront in the village Asian feast with Ruby fr [...]

Paradise Found at Broken Palm Island,...

Paradise Found at Broken Palm Island, Penrhyn
I couldn’t stop smiling all day yesterday. I had the best day since last season when we were anchored in Toau in the Tuamotus. I’m in my element and am once again living the dream as I imagined it. Life is beautiful today. We are anchored in the lee of a picturesque, palm-tree covered, uninhabited motu. An expanse of shallow fine [...]

Life in Penrhyn Island

Life in Penrhyn Island
Peace and tranquility have been found and island time restored. The anchor is buried a foot deeper in the same spot we dropped it off Te Tautua village. The toys are all out: dive gear, sailing kayak, paddleboard, dinghy. The fort is in full force: shade tents, dive compressor, hammock. Rest has been had. Boat projects are being crossed off t [...]

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