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Exploring the Bay of Islands, Vanua B...

Exploring the Bay of Islands, Vanua Balavu, Fiji – PICTURES!
Bula, Bula!! Wanted to send a quick update and pictures. I took the dinghy a few miles to windward to find an internet signal. Sitting on a rock on a white sand beach to get the best signal. I came out here to order some boat parts….this time it’s our battery monitor. Having it sent to Savusavu. We we have been having a blast here [...]

We Found It and We’re Never Lea...

We Found It and We’re Never Leaving – Bay of Islands, Vanua Balavu, Fiji
When sailors die and go to heaven one of the anchorages available to them will be Ships Sound in Vanua Balavu, Fiji. We moved over here this morning and once we set the hook in 25 feet of turqouise water over fine white powdery sand, we knew we made it to where we were always searching. There is 360 degree protection afforded by the barrier r [...]

Bashing Our Way Back to Windward to v...

Bashing Our Way Back to Windward to visit the Remote Lau Group – We’re in Vanua Balavu!
This morning finds us bashing into tradewind seas, as we have done all night. It is not comfortable or easy on poor ol’ Ellie girl, but we can all take a one-night beating; for the spoils of remote Vanua Balavu are beckoning. We have motor-sailed – or rather ‘bashed’ – 100 miles since departing early Tuesday morn [...]

Bula from Savusavu, Fiji!

Bula from Savusavu, Fiji!
Coming to you live from Savusavu. We entered the bay this morning as the sun was cresting over Vanua Levu in bright shades of fire red and orange. The island came into view and was lush, rugged and a welcoming respite from the rolling swells we have been enduring. We fired up the engine about 2 miles out of Savusavu and the chopsticks held up [...]

Tonga to Fiji – Day 3 – T...

Tonga to Fiji – Day 3 – Traversing Reef Strewn Waters at Night – Lakemba Passage Waypoints
The sun is slowly rising on day three of our passage and the silhouettes of Thitia, Mango and Tuvutha Islands are on the horizon. We have spent an exhausting and stressful night navigating through the awash low-lying reefs of the Lau Group. We were aiming for the Vanua Belavu Passage but the wind pushed us close to the Lakemba Passage to the [...]

Tonga to Fiji – Day 2 – H...

Tonga to Fiji – Day 2 – Halfway!
All is well out here. We have made great time thus far having sailed 195 miles since leaving early yesterday morning. We are halfway to Savusavu. We plan to be off Vanua Belavu (Lau Group) at sunrise tomorrow, transit the reefs and then sail overnight to Savusavu, arriving Friday morning at first light. We wish we could stop at Vanua Belavu, [...]

Fixed the Heat Exchanger with Bamboo ...

Fixed the Heat Exchanger with Bamboo Chopsticks – Fiji Here We Come!
Yesterday I pulled apart the heat exchanger, filled the fresh water coolant side with water and found that 7 of the 19 copper tubes were leaking on one of the passes. I was considering using JB Weld to plug the holes on both sides but asked Alyssa if we had any wood dowels that would fit the tubes. She looked around the galley and handed me a [...]

Kicked in the Head by the Tail of a H...

Kicked in the Head by the Tail of a Humpback Whale!!!
You read the title correctly, I was almost knocked unconscious by the tail of an enormous wild humpback whale while swimming with a pod yesterday. It was scary, enthralling and disorienting at the same time. I am writing this with a huge bump/egg on the port side of my skull. I seem to be fine and waking up this morning was a success. So now [...]

VIDEO – Sailing the Flat Waters...

VIDEO – Sailing the Flat Waters of Vava’u with the Mermaid at the Helm
By the way – it took three long days to upload this video over the super slow Tonga pig telecom internet connection. Hope you enjoy! Share this:EmailShare on TumblrPrintMorePocket

Vava’u, Tonga – The weeke...

Vava’u, Tonga – The weekend in Tapana and Finding Aisea Beach
We spent the weekend tucked in a protected bay in the lee of Tapana Island. The first two nights we anchored and the next three we spent on a mooring ball off the Ark Gallery. The Ark is a floating house boat that a lovely American couple built. Larry and Sherry are friendly and welcoming and we enjoyed visiting with them aboard the Ark and a [...]

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