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Quixotic Update and Vanua Levu Motorc...

Progress marches forward as our elite team of Fijian fiberglass artists continue repairing Quixotic. We have removed all the damaged glass and prepped the areas for new glass, which we’ll apply this week. The weekend was busy as we hired another group of locals to deep clean and remove all the fiberglass dust – and there sure was [...]

Quixotic Update – A Catamaran O...

Bula Vinaka All! Our incredible team of local Fijian fiberglass workers continue to charge forward and dig out all the delamination from Quixotics’ hull….and see for yourself in the pictures – it’s a LOT!  There are now enormous holes in her hull and topsides, ready for glasswork. Today we actually started putting new [...]

Quixotic Update – The Heavy Lif...

The past few days have been busy. The Mermaid and I spent a backbreaking day pressure washing the rest of the mud out of the port hull and engine compartment. We removed the saildrive, changed the oil and treated some surface rust. We disconnected the forestay and ran some more lines to support the rig. Then Sunday afternoon we called it a da [...]

Our Quixotic Catamaran Purchase!

We bought a 43 foot South African-built Voyage catamaran named Quixotic, a most appropriate name for an impulsive catamaran purchase. Quixotic means exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical; impulsive and often rashly unpredictable…. I think the name suits the endeavor and our current lifestyle perfectly! Our new-to-us catama [...]

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