Angel Island

Hey all – sorry we haven’t written this week!  We’ve been having fun and been keeping busy!

I am really going to miss the SF Bay. Although the winds can be torrential through the slot, there is truly something magical about the horizon of the city, the golden gate just peeking out of the dense fog, and the variety of climates and places to visit.


We took this picture last winter on our way to SF for new years.

We took this picture last winter on our way to SF for new years. It is by far one of my favorites.

We have visited nearly every corner of the bay after living in Redwood City near the south bay, sailing up the Sacramento River to the Delta, detouring up the Napa River until we didn’t want to test our luck any further, buddy-boating up the Petaluma River to stay in a protected turning basin, and constant visits to Sausalito, Tiburon, Angel Island, Aquatic Park, and South Beach Harbor to watch Giants games. This week, it feels like we’ve been inching our way toward the Golden Gate with excitement, but we’re also making sure we hit all of our favorite stomping grounds. With Lewis’ obsession with boats, we’ve had countless opportunities to visit Angel Island, running our way to the top, hoping to have the breathless 360 degree view to ourselves before the first ferry arrives. We decided Monday to hike up once more and stretch our sea legs. Here’s a couple pics of our last trip to the top.






360 view, Angel Island

On Tuesday a low pressure system rolled through and the weather was nasty.  It was blowing from the SW so we took shelter at Ayala cove and were glad to be tied to the moorings an extra night.  We hid down below.  Lewis read and the I cooked up a storm to keep the cabin warm.  On Wednesday morning we headed for Sausalito.

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