Bashing Our Way up the Yasawa Islands!

It’s blowing the dogs off their chains out here in the Northern Yasawa Islands!  The trades howling through the Bligh Passage between the two main islands had made for a tough bash north but excellent kiting and windsurfing conditions!  We are patiently waiting for the wind to lay down so we can sail the 50NM upwind back to Vanua Levu and Savusavu; looks like we may get our chance tomorrow.  In the meantime we can explore the incredible limestone geography at Sawa-I-Lau, where we are currently anchored.

Our friends, Ryan and Kristina, are visiting for a couple weeks.  We have been having a blast – reeling in tuna and barracuda, kayaking, paddleboarding, windsurfing, doing some boat projects and kicking back.

Alyssa has spoiled us all with her amazing cooking and the sunset appetizer spread is a highlight of the day.  The sunsets have been beautiful and the southern wind has kept the temps and humidity down, heralding the arrival of the southern hemisphere winter.

Thanks again to the Van Maanen family for gifting us an awesome inflatable windsurfing board!  I was able to MacGyver a fix for the rudder with some zip ties so we’re back in action!  Alyssa was able to sail upwind all the way back to the boat on her first day!

Here are some pics from the past week!  Cheers!

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  1. Pamela Fives's Gravatar Pamela Fives
    June 21, 2017    

    Hi Kids… Love the pictures and all the information. I am so glad you are having fun in your work. The sunsets are beautiful, just like you. Sent with lots of Love & Hugs, GrandmaMama

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