Bioluminescence Ballet and Exploring the Barrier

We just witnessed one of the most amazing natural scenes.  Tonight we turned on the blue underwater lights that usually draw fish to the boat.  We knew this bay was extremely healthy and full of fish but we had no idea of the scale that would be drawn under the boat.  We went outside around 10pm and hundreds of fish were schooling under the boat,  There were smaller schools around the boat that were just outside the blue underwater lights but were illuminated by natural bioluminescence.  We watched in awe as the schools danced a ballet and the smaller schools would blow apart and come back together as they were hunted by predator fish.  We extinguished our lights and continued watching in awe as the captivating bioluminescence fanned out into ever smaller schools as the fish  very slowly dispersed.  One of the most magnificent natural events I have ever been fortunate enough to witness.  And the icing was the glassy conditions, kiwis calling from the hills, the clear sky and thousands of stars, as Great Barrier Island is a dark sky sanctuary.

I think we will stay here a while longer.  We summited Hirakimata (Mt. Hobson) yesterday with new friends Ben and Ashley (s/v Nahoa) and there are a few more trails to conquer.  Oh, and those natural hot springs are calling our name..

22 March 2018

Port Fitzroy Harbour, Great Barrier Island, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

36°12’13.7″S 175°20’26.0″E

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