Bula from Savusavu, Fiji!

Coming to you live from Savusavu. We entered the bay this morning as the sun was cresting over Vanua Levu in bright shades of fire red and orange. The island came into view and was lush, rugged and a welcoming respite from the rolling swells we have been enduring. We fired up the engine about 2 miles out of Savusavu and the chopsticks held up while Ellie made her way into the very protected river. The river is full of yachts but we snagged what seemed like the last available mooring and are floating peacefully less than 40 yards from the Copra Shed Marina dock. 

The Fijian officials boarded us in a procession of three separate visits. We had to clear health, biosecurity, customs and immigration. They were all friendly and after much paper shuffling and stamping we were officially cleared into the Island Nation of Fiji. We raised our Fijian flag and then promptly went in search of some food in town. We chowed down on some great Hindi food and washed it all down with Fijian Bitter beer, great tasting stuff.

As we strolled the busy streets of Savusavu I kept saying to Alyssa, “this is a crazy place.” It most certainly is. We are definitely not in Polynesia anymore. The people are distinctly Fijian and Melanesian mixed with a large Indian population. Almost all the women sport a huge Afro puff and the Indians are easy to spot in their gold trim and dotted foreheads. Everyone is incredibly friendly and gives out a hearty “Bula!” as we pass. The market is amazing and full of vegetables – Alyssa is in heaven and will be loading up tomorrow.

We have paid our fees and were granted a four month visa. After only a day here we sure want to stay much longer. We may be looking into our options further. Flat water, great food, friendly locals, amazing cruising, incredible scenery and low cost of living. We may have found a true paradise.

We have also been informed that our package is in Nadi and will be sent here early next week. We should have the engine back to 100% by the end of next week. Then we’ll look at the chart, pick an island and go exploring! In the meantime we plan to eat at every Indian restaurant in town.

Bula from Fiji!!!

Lewis & Alyssa

August 14, 2015

Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji

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