Catamaran Delivery – Tahiti to Hawaii – The Voyage of the Zephyr

On Saturday I fly down to Tahiti on a one-way ticket. I will be joining my friends Eric (the proud Captain who just bought the boat), Johnny, Jason & Emily on the beautiful Outremer 55 Light Catamaran, Zephyr. She is currently lying at anchor off Marina Taina, Papeete, Tahiti. We plan to provision her up, pull anchor and sail east to the Tuamotus. After a week or so in the Tuamotus we will either sail for the Marquesas or Hawaii; destination to be driven by the weather. The 2,500 nm passage to Hawaii should take about 10-12 days – the Zephyr can post 240+ nm days and can sustain speeds above 10 knots.  It should be a very exciting and fast ride north.  

We are going to be in the South Pacific during the tail end of cyclone season so we will be watching the weather forecasts very closely. Right now there are some nasty cyclones developing over Vanuatu and headed between New Caledonia and Fiji. There is another one developing and headed for Tonga. They usually track SE so should not become any concern to our planned routes.  But watching a 105+ knot cyclone on the weather maps certainly encourages vigilance in our weather monitoring.

Weather-wise, barring any nasty tropical storms, it should be a pleasant sail north with the prevailing wind on or just forward of the beam.  I’m really hoping the weather Gods smile on us upon approach to Hawaii because it has been just nasty here the past few weeks.  Right now I am getting rocked around in our slip with 30 knot winds whipping through our rig.  We do not want one of these strong northers to be blowing on approach.  So everyone do the trade wind dance when we get close and wish us light easterlies for our landfall. 

Wish us fair winds and calm seas and follow our voyage at the link below.  Eric is bringing a quadcopter with GoPro so look forward to epic aerial video!

Voyage of the Zephyr

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  1. Jason Griffin's Gravatar Jason Griffin
    March 8, 2015    

    G’day ya goin
    Fair winds and following seas on you next adventure !!
    I have a question regarding Ellie’s rig, has she a solent inner forestay as well as a cutter stay’sail ?
    Reason I ask is that we are planning some upgrades before we head off next year and would like to know which you find more useful albeit I believe the solent to be an easier install.
    Any info would be great.
    My wife and I have been following your travels since you were running around getting supplies in Mexico, great stuff keep up the good work guys!
    Would be great to catch up and have a tartan “raft-up” when you reach the east coast of Australia.

    Jason and Demelza
    T37 Orion
    Gold Coast
    4214 Qld

  2. April 6, 2015    

    Hey Jason – Thanks for the note. We have a removable cutter stay but not a solent. The inner staysail is useful in heavy going but keeping to the temperate latitudes we rarely use it unless it gets blowing over 35 knots or so. It also comes in handy when heaving-to as the jib slams and luffs too much to leave up while bobbing around.

    Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

    It would be awesome to meet up and see your T37. We’ll keep in touch.

    Cheers from Hawaii
    Lewis & Alyssa

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