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Culture Shock – We’re in Sydney!?!

We are in the concrete jungle for the week. Skyscrapers, trains, buses, cars, horns and heaps of humans everywhere. It is all very overwhelming and on day three we are just starting to adjust a bit. It’s a gorgeous harbor with innumerable inlets and bays. A local said to me that they got the better harbor, I am forced to agree.

We flew in on Tuesday, did a small provisioning run, and hit the sack. Day two was spent wandering around the city and attending a marine medical appointment to get our ENG1 medical card, a requirement to gain employment on large yachts….more on that later. The afternoon was spent at the National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbor. We climbed aboard a fully-functional replica of Captain James Cooks HMS Endeavor, the ship he sailed to make the first European landfall on the eastern coast of Australia. It was really neat seeing the rigging and climbing into one of the hammocks that his crew slept in. There were some old Aussie salts who filled us in on the details of life aboard. Interestingly Captain Cook allotted each member of the crew one gallon of beer each day. I was doing the math in my head and that is a hell of a lot of beer. They must have been brewing aboard – a tradition that we proudly carry on today aboard Ellie ;-)

Yesterday we got the Princess a makeover at the Bondi Junction mall. I was informed that her hair was not up to par and wearing torn-up sperry topsiders was just not going to fly. So we got her a haircut and a nice pair of country cowgirl trendy boots. A renewed smiling Princess walked out of that mall a different woman and ready to hit the town. So we jumped on a bus bound for the famous Bondi Beach for some outstanding people watching. It’s a gorgeous beach and the aforementioned people watching was world class. We ended the day at a live music spot deep in Kings Cross, not far from where we are staying in Potts Point. A day in Sydney well spent.

Today we are jumping on the ferry bound for Manly Beach. Pine trees line the golden sand beach with towering cliffs on the point. We’ll rent bikes and tour the coast. Then tomorrow we head to the airport for a 14 hour flight to San Diego via LAX. 

Sure is crazy that we will be covering in 14 hours the same stretch of ocean we spent two years sailing across. But it just isn’t the same thing now is it….

Cheers from Sydney, Australia!

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