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Pictures – Penrhyn Kiteboarding...

Pictures – Penrhyn Kiteboarding and Suwarrow Diving
Lewis rippin’ across the Penrhyn lagoon New kite. Ellie in background Mermaid taking lessons from Levi. Kite flying over Ellie Watching the girls crash the kites Anchorage Island, Suwarrow John Neal’s dock in Suwarrow   Share this:EmailShare on TumblrPrintMorePocket

Suwarrow Shark Encounter Video

Suwarrow Shark Encounter Video
Finally was able to upload a video over this very slow connection in Sah-moa. The wide-angle GoPro lens makes it look like he was not right at my mask but trust me, I could have kissed him. Enjoy Share this:EmailShare on TumblrPrintMorePocket

Pictures from Te Tautua and Broken Pa...

Pictures from Te Tautua and Broken Palm Island, Penrhyn
Unbelievable! We caught an internet signal a mile away from the village out at our secluded Broken Palm Island! The internet has been down for a week but the supply ship came in yesterday and they fixed the wifi. As a result, here are some pics of the past week: Anchored off Te Tautua village Waterfront in the village Asian feast with Ruby fr [...]

Internet?!?! Here?!?! Yup – Her...

Internet?!?! Here?!?! Yup – Here are some pics!!
Unbelievably, this tiny village of 50 people, on a small atoll 800 miles away from what we would call “civilization” has reasonable internet service. I am typing these words from the nav table at anchor! You have to love technology sometimes… I bet a thank you is also in order for the Cook Islands Protectorate, New Zealand. [...]

Anchored Safely in Penrhyn…Afte...

Anchored Safely in Penrhyn…After 48 hours of Excitement
We are finally anchored on the windward side of Penrhyn after 48 hours of pure excitement. Since making landfall we have: – Battled the current and breakers to enter the pass [Pucker Factor (PF): medium to high] – Picked our way through a minefield of coral heads [PF: medium] – Dropped anchor on a lee shore to clear in [PF: [...]

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