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Internet?!?! Here?!?! Yup – Her...

Internet?!?! Here?!?! Yup – Here are some pics!!
Unbelievably, this tiny village of 50 people, on a small atoll 800 miles away from what we would call “civilization” has reasonable internet service. I am typing these words from the nav table at anchor! You have to love technology sometimes… I bet a thank you is also in order for the Cook Islands Protectorate, New Zealand. [...]

Fanning Island Adventures and Departu...

Fanning Island Adventures and Departure Plan
Mauri! We have enjoyed some spectacular flat water here at Fanning over the past few days. We have been filling our days with paddle boarding, drifting the incoming tide in the pass, swimming, dinghy exploration, watching the picturesque sailing canoes traverse the lagoon, happy hour get-together’s with the other two boats, and watching [...]

Kickin’ Back in Fanning Island

Kickin’ Back in Fanning Island
We finally had a great day in Fanning Island! It’s amazing how closely correlated your well-being becomes with the weather when you’re cruising. The wind was non-existent, the Mermaid was paddle-boarding, we were swimming, the sun was out, the drinks were cold and the sunset gorgeous. A great day in paradise…finally! Now thi [...]

Fanning Island – It’s Cal...

Fanning Island – It’s Calm! (and very very hot)
The I-Kiribati people have completely redeemed themselves on the musical front. Karaoke = not so good – church singing in the chapel = excellent. Yesterday we attended the Catholic church services. The melodies were harmonious and beautiful, if a bit loud inside of a concrete building.. The women sat on one side and the men on the other [...]

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