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Finally Anchored in Suwarrow After an...

Finally Anchored in Suwarrow After an Insane Storm
Holy sh!t. So much for an easy SPCZ crossing! After I wrote that last blog we caught a 60lb yellow fin tuna, processed it and then after Lyss went to sleep all hell broke loose. The SPCZ was insane with 20ft breaking seas and 40 knots of wind. We got into the ‘lee’ of Suwarrow but it was anything but and we got our ass handed to [...]

Running Away from a Storm – Now...

Running Away from a Storm – Now Trying to Make Penrhyn
We have sailed 650 miles since leaving Fanning 5 days ago and are 425 miles NE of Suwarrow. A storm system called the SPCZ (South Pacific Convergence Zone) has decided to park itself right over Suwarrow and prevent us from sailing directly there unless we have some sick desire to play chicken with thunder and lightning…which we don̵ [...]

Fanning to Suwarrow – Halfway P...

Fanning to Suwarrow – Halfway Point
We have sailed 500 miles since leaving Fanning Island four days ago and we have 550 to go until we reach Suwarrow. Still thinking of putting in to Manihiki, 370 miles south, if the wind dies or the weather deteriorates. Conditions have been idyllic, the seas calm, and the sailing great. We covered 144 miles in the past 24 hours, all close on [...]

Fanning to Penrhyn or Manihiki or Suw...

Fanning to Penrhyn or Manihiki or Suwarrow…. We’re Back in the South Pacific!!
We are in the southern hemisphere again! Early this morning we crossed the equator for the fourth time in less than two years. We’re back in the south pacific! Ellie is in her groove and tearing away the miles. We are two days out of Fanning and have covered 250 miles since departing on Friday. Conditions are very pleasant with some per [...]

Fanning to Suwarrow – 1,000 mil...

Fanning to Suwarrow – 1,000 miles – 8 Days
We sailed out of Fanning at 11:00 UTC today, 5/15, bound for Suwarrow Island, 1,000 miles SSW of here. Expecting 8 days under way at 125 miles per day. Not overdue until 5/28. We are motor sailing into light SE wind. Expecting it to strengthen to 10-12 knots by tomorrow and it will continue to clock more easterly and eventually be on the beam [...]

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