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Internet?!?! Here?!?! Yup – Her...

Internet?!?! Here?!?! Yup – Here are some pics!!
Unbelievably, this tiny village of 50 people, on a small atoll 800 miles away from what we would call “civilization” has reasonable internet service. I am typing these words from the nav table at anchor! You have to love technology sometimes… I bet a thank you is also in order for the Cook Islands Protectorate, New Zealand. [...]

Fanning Island – Drinking Kava ...

Fanning Island – Drinking Kava with the Locals and Riding Out Squalls
This is a crazy place. I’m not sure what I was expecting but this is definitely not it. I was picturing a protected lagoon to anchor in with a nice breeze coming through the cabin, friendly locals sailing past in their dugout canoes, a rich culture to absorb and possibly a bit of infrastructure. What we have found is a lee shore to anch [...]

Landfall at Fanning Island After 7 Da...

Landfall at Fanning Island After 7 Days at Sea!
We are anchored in 15 feet of turquoise water inside the lagoon at Fanning Atoll. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Well the truth is that we are riding out a tropical depression and riding to our anchor in 4 foot standing waves and 35 knots of true wind in driving rain. Holy crap this is intense! The 100 foot schooner SHOSTROM, anchored 400 feet [...]

Hawaii to Fanning – Day 6 ̵...

Hawaii to Fanning – Day 6 – Almost There!
We are 950 miles south of Oahu and just over 100 miles north of Fanning. We made 133 miles in the last 24 hours. We should make landfall tomorrow morning and plan to enter the pass at slack water around noon. Still stuck in big squalls. Looks like they are following us south. At least we are able to sail in this inconsistent wind and rain. Th [...]

Hawaii to Fanning – Day 5 ̵...

Hawaii to Fanning – Day 5 – Rainy Day Blues
At 21:00 UTC we were 800 miles S of Ko Olina Marina, 690 miles SW by S of the Big Island, and 250 miles NW by N of our destination of Fanning Atoll, two more days at this crawl. Well, we made it deep into the fire swamp. Non-stop rain and squalls all night. The silver lining is that the rain and squalls have flattened the seas a bit and the [...]

Hawaii to Fanning Atoll – Day 4

Hawaii to Fanning Atoll – Day 4
You know it’s been rough when 20 knots feels pleasant to sleep in… Our current position has us 390 miles N-NNE of Fanning Atoll. We have sailed 580 miles since leaving the Kona coast of the Big Island, four days ago. The wind and seas have subsided a bit but are still heavy and Ellie continues to rock and roll her way up and over [...]

Hawaii to Fanning – Day 2 ̵...

Hawaii to Fanning – Day 2 – Part 2
The Mermaid’s post this morning was awesome. I just wanted to add a couple happenings… I had a very rude awakening this morning. I woke up to Ellie running down huge tradewind seas and lurching violently side to side when she gets thrown down wave faces. I was not anticipating the more extreme motion when I made my way to the head [...]

Hawaii to Fanning Atoll – Day 2

Hawaii to Fanning Atoll – Day 2
It is Day 2 of our passage and we have sailed another 128nm in the past 24 hours with 680nm to go. The wind and seas have increased (20-28kts, 8-12′ seas) and moved more ENE, allowing us to sail slightly downwind for a more comfortable ride. Lewis put out one of our last Skabenga lures since we were sailing 6.5kts and within 2 hours we [...]

Hawaii to Fanning Atoll – Day 1

Hawaii to Fanning Atoll – Day 1
Day 1 Summary: At 0700 this morning we had covered 145 miles since leaving Kona and were 113 miles south of the Big Island and 800 miles N of Fanning Atoll. We nailed the weather window and the forecast was right on. We motored south in the lee of the Big Island and found the SE wind about 12 miles from south point. The wind was wrapping arou [...]

Hawaii to Fanning Island – And ...

Hawaii to Fanning Island – And We’re Off!
Good morning from the lee of the Big Island! We finally caught a break – literally and figuratively – with the Hawaiian seas. We sailed from Maui to the Big Island last night and it was glorious compared to the beat down we had leaving Oahu. We motored through the lee of Maui on calm seas and were able to sail out of the lee into [...]

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