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Revised Hawaiian Islands Exit Strateg...

Revised Hawaiian Islands Exit Strategy
We caught up on some much-needed rest and are feeling great. We woke up to a peaceful quiet anchorage with waves lapping the shores. Went for a snorkel before breakfast and spent 15 minutes swimming with two sea turtles – it was awesome and we shot some GoPro video we’ll have to share.  We love it here but the weather window becko [...]

Extremely Rough Re-introduction to Sa...

Extremely Rough Re-introduction to Sailing in Hawaii – Anchored in Honolua Bay, Maui
April 23 – In the past 24 hours we have experienced extreme discomfort and are now enjoying the best life has to offer. Allow me to explain… We bid our farewells to friends dockside at 0900 and put out to sea into a lumpy steep sea state with little wind. We were bouncing and heaving side to side over 12-14 foot mixed seas as we c [...]

Bon Voyage from Oahu – HD Video...

Bon Voyage from Oahu – HD Video!
We are finally done provisioning Ellie up and will be sailing out of Oahu tomorrow morning (Wednesday). We made a video so everyone can see how beautiful my girls (Alyssa and Ellie of course) are lookin’ before we put to sea. Tomorrow we sail for the Big Island, a 160 mile overnight run. Once there we’ll patiently wait for favorab [...]

Hawaiian Islands Exit Strategy –...

Hawaiian Islands Exit Strategy – It’s Howling!
The send-off party was a huge success. We hosted about 40 of our friends on Ellie and down the dock. The keg was emptied halfway through the party, which happened to be right after the Aussies showed up! Our friends were jamming on guitars and Ellie’s waterline was half a foot below the boot stripe! We have made some amazing friends her [...]

We’re Leaving in a Week! Bound...

We’re Leaving in a Week!  Bound for the South Pacific Again!
You would think I have had enough sea time over the past month, and 3,200 nm, but nope. Alyssa was hoping that I would get my fill of the sea and come back to Hawaii with plans to bury the anchor for another year. Well, that’s not how it went. A few days after returning to Oahu we decided it was time to head south again. We leave the ma [...]

Sailing the $50 million Super Yacht E...

Sailing the $50 million Super Yacht ENCORE
Yesterday we had the privilege of sailing the 144 foot super yacht ENCORE.  It was an incredible experience. The 200 foot carbon mast and boom cost $6 million!  After hearing that I though the mainsail was quite reasonable coming in at just under $400 thousand.  The sheer size of all the hardware and the extreme loads on the rigging was amazi [...]

Non-stop Boat Projects…. Almost...

Non-stop Boat Projects…. Almost Done
I’ve been working on the boat day and night for the past month. I start when we rise and work until Alyssa gets off work around 10pm.  It was fun in the beginning but I’m getting burned out on projects and luckily Ellie is almost ready for sea again.  Half of the projects were fun quality-of-life improvements, the other half were  [...]

The Boat Brewery

The Boat Brewery
In the spirit of self-sufficiency we have designed, bought, and installed a boat brewery aboard. Over the past couple years we have moved ever closer to being self-sufficient and relying less on overpriced grocery stores in foreign ports. We catch our protein, bake our own bread, make yogurt, grow sprouts and wheat grass, press coconut milk, [...]

Latitude 38 Article – Great Pic...

Latitude 38 Article – Great Pics and the Maui to Oahu Sleigh Ride Story
Pick up the February edition of Latitude 38. On pages 98 – 101 you’ll find some awesome pictures we took in the South Pacific and the story of the harrowing passage to Oahu. UPDATE: Still making progress on the boat. I have the cooling system all ripped apart and just cleaned and re-painted the heat exchanger. Now procrastinating [...]

We Bought an Island Car! And it Came ...

We Bought an Island Car! And it Came With a Roach Colony!
We decided to buy a car so we have transportation for the next couple months. Alyssa needs to go into Honolulu for a certification class for work and the bus system is ridiculous on the island. I bought a motorcycle back in November (2008 Yamaha FZ6) but between the crazy drivers, congested freeways and rain, it has become a less than ideal m [...]

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