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And We’re Off! New Zealand to Fiji Passage!

Writing from the Quarantine dock in Marsden Cove, Whangarei, New Zealand.  We clear out of the country within the hour.  Skies are bright, clear and abundant sunshine.  Wind out of the WNW at 18-20 knots.  Will plan to sail NE until it lightens later tonight then turn more NNE to get away fror NZ before more northerly winds fill in tomorrow.  The run is about 1,200 nautical miles. We expect to arrive in Savusavu next Saturday (if we don’t stop in Minerva for some diving).

I rigged two new fishing hand lines – one with a SKABENGA Minion lure and the other with a cedar plug.  They both have steel leaders so the huge fish don’t steal our lures.  We have high hopes for catching some monster tuna and mahi on the way north.  Sushi time! 

Stay tuned for passage updates that we will try and send every 1-2 days.  Wish us fair winds and CALM seas!


Lew n Lyss

Rigging the hand lines! Yup – I’m sitting on jugs of diesel – 60 extra gallons to be exact. We have new engines – let’s USE ‘em!