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Livin’ it up in Bora Bora and the Monster Fish

We are loving it here!  We have been kayaking, sailing, diving, swimming, flying kites and just hanging out.  The scenery is breathtaking, the water is warm, clear and gorgeous and the soft sand we are anchored in is like a powder.  

Today we moved across the lagoon and anchored off the Sofitel Private Island Resort.  We set the anchor in sand on the edge of the shelf and dropped back into 10 feet of turquoise water.  The bungalows are literally a hundred yards away.  I can only imagine what the guests are paying for the same view as us!

We are having a blast here and we have no plans to leave in the next week or so.  I scheduled my first kitesurfing lessons for Monday.  Watching the kiteboarders flying across the bright turquoise lagoon  made the decision to take lessons very easy!  We’ll keep ya posted on the progress.

Yesterday Alyssa was cutting her nails over the side and she yelled to me that there was a huge fish under the boat.  I came up and looked over the side.  There was a huge Jack hiding in the shade under Ellie.  We are out of canned tuna and I couldn’t help myself so I went below and grabbed my spear gun.  I loaded it and waited for the monster to show himself.  Sure enough he did and I nailed him in the head.  We hauled him up and bled him out over the side.  Once we had the fish it was then time to positively identify it and try to figure out if there is Ciguatera poisoning in Bora Bora or not.  Ciguatera is a terrible toxin that is present in some reef-associated fish.  It accumulates in predatory fish (like Jacks) so it’s imperative that we verify the reef fish don’t have ciguatera here before we eat it.  We saw some locals out on the reef so we hauled our catch behind the dinghy and made our way over to them to ask.  They weren’t able to speak English but the take away was that it was a delicious fish and safe to eat.  We were satisfied and returned to Ellie to fillet it up.  Once back at the boat we were still a little hesitant to eat the Jack and the people seemed so friendly and also less fortunate.  We decided to gift them the fish.  It was big enough to feed the whole family for more than one meal.  The family was very grateful and we felt good about helping them out.

The fish was a monster.  Check out the pic below.

Hope everyone is having a great day.


Lewis & Alyssa

Piti uu Uta Island, Bora Bora, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia

16 32.344 S
151 43.494 W

DSCF2017DSCF3002 DSCF3007 DSCF3011 IMG_0038 IMG_0040 IMG_0093

Baja Pictures!!

As promised, here are some of the best pictures we have from our trip from San Diego to Cabo.

IMG_0850Sunset first night out of Ensenada



IMG_0866 IMG_0873 IMG_0878 IMG_0881


Fuel pier in Bahia Tortugas


Dinner with Green Panther!  Fresh Ahi!


Our route from Bahia Tortugas to Bahia Santa Maria

IMG_0905 IMG_0911 IMG_0915 IMG_0931 IMG_0932

Enjoying fresh lobster and tuna in Bahia Santa Maria with Green Panther!

IMG_0934 IMG_0941

Dinghy expedition up the estuary in Bahia Santa Maria

IMG_0946 IMG_0948 IMG_0956 IMG_0962 IMG_0971 IMG_0975 IMG_0985

Caught our first white fish – a Mexican Bonito!


Skipjack Tuna!


Going to shore in Puerto Magdelena, Mag Bay


Chillin’ at the whale bone restaurant in Mag Bay

IMG_1004 IMG_1007

The fishing village of Puerto Magdelena

IMG_1015 IMG_1019 IMG_1021 IMG_1044 IMG_1062 IMG_1064

Hiking in Mag Bay.  Can you see Ellie??  (She is on the right)

IMG_1083 IMG_1085 IMG_1103 IMG_1111

We made it to Cabo!!  Can you see the arch??


Cruising the harbor at Cabo with Island Princess (Doug and Elena)

IMG_1117 IMG_1119

You DON’T want to see this in open water!!


Roughin’ it Cabo style.  Ellie in backgound getting tossed around…


Miss Lyss working on our jerry jug coversIMG_1132

Another shot of Ellie amongst the chaos of Cabo


Beautiful church and grounds in San Jose del Cabo


Enjoying lunch in the art district of San Jose del Cabo


Thanksgiving dinner on Island Princess in Puerto los Cabos




Beach day in San Jose del Cabo!