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We’re Afloat! Bound for Bora B...

We’re Afloat!  Bound for Bora Bora!
We launched on Thursday.  It was an exciting moment and we had 20 knot winds whipping chop straight into the haul out slip which made backing out extremely nerve racking.  Luckily Ellie behaved and backed out straight enough for me to point her bow towards the gap in the reef before being pushed onto the rocks by the increasing N wind.  We bo [...]

Finally Done Painting! Splashing Tom...

Finally Done Painting!  Splashing Tomorrow!
We are going back in the water tomorrow.  We have been painting like mad trying to get all the coats on so we can get back to the more enjoyable part of cruising.  Tomorrow afternoon can’t come soon enough. We have been having so much fun I don’t know where to start….how about the A-hole yard manager, the language barrier be [...]

Boatyard Blues in Raiatea

Boatyard Blues in Raiatea
We have been slaving away trying to get Ellie painted and back in the water as soon as possible.  We are doing all the work ourselves so every night we are both completely exhausted.  The work starts at 7am and we don’t get to the COLD shower until about 6pm.  We spent all weekend grinding out some osmotic water blisters from the fiberg [...]

Hauled Out in Paradise

Hauled Out in Paradise
We decided to haul out here in Raiatea.  It was a tough decision but ultimately we decided that we should haul and paint the bottom before heading further west.  I explored a bunch of options and weighed the alternatives.  We even considered shipping paint to American Samoa and doing the bottom ourselves in Tonga.  Turns out that getting the [...]

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