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Samoa to Tonga – The Final (Pea...

Samoa to Tonga – The Final (Peaceful) Night on Passage
When people dream of sailing the south pacific, this is what they must imagine. Full sail sheeted in tight, driving the yacht hard under a clear and star-studded night. As extraordinarily rare as these conditions are, these are the conditions we are enjoying tonight. We were both trying to remember the last time we had a passage this pleasant [...]

Samoa to Tonga – Day 2 – ...

Samoa to Tonga – Day 2 – Glorious Sailing Coinditions
This passage is progressing as the most pleasant we have enjoyed to date. The wind has been light and forward of the beam but just enough to allow the monitor windvane to steer a perfect course. The swells are small and the wind waves less than 2 feet. We are sailing as hard on the wind as we can since it has become more southerly. If the win [...]

Samoa to Tonga – Day 1

Samoa to Tonga – Day 1
We made it out of Pago Pago yesterday as the sun was setting. On our way out of the harbor, the autopilot (that I just rebuilt) decided to lose its mind and was turning the opposite direction to the input from the control unit. We quickly disconnected it from the wheel and hand steered out of the bay into good sized seas. We cleared the green [...]

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