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Adios Samoa! We’re Putting to S...

Adios Samoa! We’re Putting to Sea! Next Stop Tonga!
The transmission only took one and a half (frustrating) days longer than we thought but we finally aligned it perfectly and it’s spinning smoothly as designed. We’ve cleared out and are working hard to pull our anchors and put away the dingy. We plan to leave the bay at 1700 this evening. The conditions are forecast to be excellen [...]

Boat Projects (almost) Complete ̵...

Boat Projects (almost) Complete – Some Theft – and Our Exit Strategy
After a long weekend of boat projects, we are finally wrapping up and planning our departure for Tonga on Thursday. We received the batteries and the new transmission on Saturday. I had the 300 lbs of new batteries installed by Saturday evening and tackled the transmission install on Sunday. With the Mermaid passing me tools, we had the old t [...]

Samoa – The Pains of Trying to ...

Samoa – The Pains of Trying to Accomplish ….. Anything
We’re almost done with our errands and the waterline is showing it. We have provisioned up and our tanks are full. We missed an excellent weather window this week to sail for Tonga as a result of delayed shipments from the US. Our batteries are supposed to arrive this Saturday. They were delayed as a result of the hospital equipment tha [...]

Pago Pago is Not So Bad – Pleas...

Pago Pago is Not So Bad – Pleasantly Surprised by American Samoa
After writing the last blog post we sailed into Pago Pago (pronounced Pango, Pango) Harbor. The rain was torrential and made entering the harbor exciting. We used radar and chartplotter to feel our way into the large bay and we made our way past the enormous tuna fishing boats into the head of the bay, where yachts anchor. We dropped our hook [...]

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