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VIDEO: Riding 35+ Knot Winds in the Lee of Maui

Here’s a video the Mermaid shot while running downwind from Maalea Bay, Maui.  We had a sliver of jib out and were pushing hull speed.  The wind was 30-35 knots sustained and gusting in the high 30’s.  Look at the spray on the top of the white caps.  I got drenched and we had to pull the foulies out of deep storage to deal with the spray.  Now imagine this wind but MUCH more fetch creating large, short, steep, breaking seas mixed with large ocean swells.  Those are the conditions we had on our passage from Maui to Oahu!  Full passage update to follow. 

Idyllic Sail from Maupiti to Tahaa with VIDEO!

Today we enjoyed some of the best sailing we’ve ever had.  We ran the pass at Maupiti before 7 am and are now enjoying an ice cold Hinano at the Hibiscus restaurant on Tahaa and it’s 6:00 pm.  We covered approximately 50 nautical miles total.  The seas were less than 4 feet with a long period swell from the SE.  The wind was variable 5 – 12 knots out of the NE.  The sail was mostly a close reach and we fully enjoyed the day.  A particular highlight was that after lunch we broke out the home made coconut ice cream that was gifted to us by Mai Ti’s son.  We enjoyed a bowl of home made coconut ice cream mixed with Alyssa’s home-made sugar cookies while sitting in the cockpit listening to the sound of the water rustling past the hull and enjoying the view of the magnificent island of Bora Bora off the port beam.  Today will go down in the log as one of the best days of sailing thus far.

As to our strategy of making easting when the weather cooperates: so far, so great.  Let’s make a few more of these passages happen!  We will leave tomorrow morning for Huahine while the wind is still from the N.

I had to upload this pic of our resident hottie tucking the main sail away.  Life is good.



Hibiscus Restaurant, Tahaa, FP