Day 13 – Squalls

We are 1,360 nm from Zihua and 1,490 nm from Hiva Oa.  We are still on a run, making 6 knots on a course of 249 true.

Last night was rough.  We were sailing through squalls with driving rain.  The winds were variable and we saw everything from 6 to 26 knots.  The seas were steep and confused which threw Ellie around and really tested her construction.

We also had another boat on the puddle jump come within one mile of us.  Crazy that out in the middle of the Pacific that you would see another boat, let alone have to actively monitor and dodge them all night.  They kept altering course because of the squalls and we ended up parallelling them through the squalls about 2nm apart for most of the night.  They had AIS and we spoke via VHF, the boat name is True Blue 5.

We didn’t get much sleep and are both very tired.  We will be catching up on sleep today.  Although the weather is getting very hot, humid and it is becoming more and more difficult to sleep comfortably during the day.

I caught a dorado (mahi mahi) yesterday.  Alyssa filleted it up and it’s chilling in the fridge.  What is mahi called in a sushi restaurant?  Send us some good recipes for sushi rolls.

We are heading more west than south for today.  Want to try and stay above the ITCZ as much as possible before heading south.  I think we are right on the edge.  Looks like the ITCZ will be migrating back south so hopefully that will allow us to sail further south in relatively stable weather over the next few days.

Hope all are having a great weekend.

Lewis and Alyssa

Current Position:

20:07 Z

09 20 N

123 18 W

240 True

6.0 knots

Wind: 13 knots from the NNE

Seas: 6-8ft NNE with 3-5ft wind waves

Barometer: 1010

Thank You

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