Day 14 – Halfway Mark!

We are over halfway across the Pacific Ocean!  Currently 1,380 nm from Hiva Oa and 1,500 nm from Zihua.

We continue to ride the NE trade winds, which have consistently filled our sails for over a week now.  This morning we jibed onto port tack and are now flying the jib poled out to starboard.  Still making good way, 6.0 knots, on a course of 210 true.  We are headed for a waypoint at 06-06 N, 128-00 W, approximately 220 nm from our current position.  Once we reach the mark we will turn almost due south until we cross the equator in search of the SE trades.

All is well onboard.  We are almost caught up on sleep from our exciting squally night.  Last night was not nearly as bad and we had consistent wind, which was nice.

Alyssa made up some delicious sushi rolls last night with our fresh mahi mahi. We had all the right ingredients: sushi nori, sticky sushi rice, pickled ginger, wasabi, soy, cucumber, paper-thin lemon slices, cream cheese and of course the fresh chilled mahi!  It was amazing.

The monitor windvane continues to steer a perfect course day and night. It never veers off course, doesn’t get hungry, never needs sleep and loves heavy weather.  We couldn’t imagine crossing an ocean without it.  The only time we are at the helm is when we are jibing or turning on the electronic autopilot, when the wind dies completely.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Cheers from Ellie and crew

Current Position:

The middle of the Pacific Ocean!  1,400 miles from land!

19:00 Z

08 39 N

125 20 W

6.0 knots

210 true

Wind: 17 knots from the NE

Seas: 7-9 feet from the NNE and E with 2-3ft wind waves on top

Barometer: 1011

Thank You

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