Day 16 – The Floating Sweat Box

Welcome to our floating sauna!  Where you can sweat for free, everything is damp, and you’ll never have to worry about dry skin again, because there is no evaporation in 100% humidity.  We are conveniently located at 5 N Equator Way, right under the blaring hot sun.  haha

Seriously though, it’s freaking HOT and very HUMID.  Unbearable to sleep during daylight, even under two fans.  It’s 90 degrees in the cabin right now with about 4,000% humidity.  I may need an emergency haircut and shave because my hair is so long it feels like I am wearing a motorcycle helmet and wool scarf that I can’t remove.  I keep saying the line from Anchorman: “It’s soooooo hot!  Milk was a bad choice!” haha

You can probably guess.  We are now in the ITCZ, the hottest place we will be during the crossing.  The ITCZ is where the sun is closest to the earth, and where the trades are blowing towards, which results in heating, updrafts and convection in the form of huge towering cumulus, strong squalls and thunderstorms.

We pointed the bow south and will cross the equator on or before 129 West.  The equator is 350 miles south, or 3.5 – 4 days at our turtle speed.

We lost our wind and have the engine on.  Our main fuel tank is 2/3 full and we haven’t touched our jerry jugs yet.  At this point range does not seem like it will be a problem.

Last night was spent weaving through several powerful squalls with lightning.  We put essential electronics in the oven, reduced sail and motored through most of the night.  The wind was all over the place in both speed and direction.  We would see 6 knots on the nose, then 20 from behind, then 9, then 3.  The day brought some stability to the skies but I’m sure we’ll be threading our way through more thunder boomers tonight.

Thankfully, we are able to make ice in the freezer.  It’s the equivalent of gold out here.  Yes, the ice cubes melt in about 0.5 seconds, but it’s REALLY nice to have ice water.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Life in a Floating Sauna.  Only here on EBC (Equator Broadcasting Co.).

Current Position:

Directly under the sun at:

21:18 Z

05 51 N

128 05 W

185 True

4.0 knots

Wind: 5-7 knots variable

Seas: 4-6 feet mixed swell from the NNE and E

Barometer: 1009

Thank You

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