Ellie is FINE! She Rode Out Category 5 TC Winston and SURVIVED!!!!

We knew she was a tough boat and she proved herself in the 180 mph winds of TC Winston that tore through and devastated Savusavu this past weekend. We just heard from Jim on Hotspur that Hotspur is fine as well and that Ellie has minor damage but is OK and still on her mooring. We fly out tomorrow and will hopefully be back reunited with Ellie on Wednesday morning Fiji time (Tuesday am in the US).

Our hearts go out to all those who lost family, friends, homes, boats, farms and livelihoods in this devastating storm. The pictures of entire villages flattened are horrific. We will do what we can to lend a hand and help out those Fijians who lost everything. We are headed back with medical supplies, food and water sanitation equipment. The Fijians are resilient and will pull through this stronger than before. We will help however we can.

To those cruisers who lost their boats. We are devastated for you and will be there to help salvage what is left and float those who are able.

There is no internet, phones or power in Savusavu but we will try and update everyone in a few days if possible.

Thank you everyone for your support. We encourage you to please donate to the emergency services that are coming to Fiji’s aid in this terrible disaster. We have included the Red Cross and SeaMercy links below. 


Lewis & Alyssa








  1. Bass's Gravatar Bass
    February 22, 2016    

    Makes your giant September 2015 list seem kinda worth it now doesn’t it! Glad to hear your boat made it through, that was a huge storm…

    • March 6, 2016    

      Most definitely! And the proof is that everything is working.

  2. Debra Rhymes's Gravatar Debra Rhymes
    February 23, 2016    

    Prayers with you and to the people involved. I will be watching for updates.

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