Fanning to Suwarrow – Halfway Point

We have sailed 500 miles since leaving Fanning Island four days ago and we have 550 to go until we reach Suwarrow. Still thinking of putting in to Manihiki, 370 miles south, if the wind dies or the weather deteriorates.

Conditions have been idyllic, the seas calm, and the sailing great. We covered 144 miles in the past 24 hours, all close on the wind at about 55 degrees off the port bow. We have been flying almost full canvas and Ellie is in her groove. It’s been beautiful to watch her slice her way to windward. The sunset was magnificent this evening and a reminder of why I sail.

Batteries are still giving me trouble. The bank is functioning now but voltage is at 11.8 and they were fully charged at sunset. They should be between 12.4 – 12.8 when the amp hour (ah) deficit is only 30ah and the load only 3 amps. I think there is a bad cell because when I combine the two banks (440ah with my 220ah bank) the voltage still drops rapidly into the 11 range. I disconnected the batteries this evening to try and test each group to identify any potential bad cells but was unsuccessful. I need a way to put a larger load on each bank, my fan just wasn’t doing it. I may disconnect half the bank and see how it does overnight versus the other – that should identify the bad half of the bank. I plan to do that tomorrow in the daylight. We’ll see how it goes.

Back to star gazing and watching the green phosphorescence in our wake. I’ve already seen three shooting stars tonight. My southern cross is shining brightly – we made it back.

Manuia from the middle of the vast South Pacific Ocean –

May 19, 2015
12:24 Z
04 17 S
160 17 W
190 T
5.5 KTS

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