Finally Anchored in Suwarrow After an Insane Storm

Holy sh!t. So much for an easy SPCZ crossing! After I wrote that last blog we caught a 60lb yellow fin tuna, processed it and then after Lyss went to sleep all hell broke loose. The SPCZ was insane with 20ft breaking seas and 40 knots of wind. We got into the ‘lee’ of Suwarrow but it was anything but and we got our ass handed to us hove-to for the night. We were both sick and huddled in the cockpit holding eachother with a look of despair in our eyes as the huge waves crashed over the boat and rushed into the cockpit. In the morning we had to bash 12 miles back to windward against the huge wind and seas and we both got terribly sick, cold, beaten, and poor Ellie is a damn mess with salt water everywhere, new laptop I am typing on is toast and 1/4 of the screen is damaged from salt water. I even managed to take a wave over my head and down my foulies. We are still crusted with salt. We are anchored but it’s exposed here and we have four foot waves bouncing our bow up and down over the wind chop. We have our oversized tandem anchor setup deployed with 200ft of chain in only 15 feet of water so if we move I will be amazed. It’s still howling 28 knots sustained across four miles of lagoon. We are still anxiety-ridden and I’m sure our blood pressure is through the roof. I haven’t slept in two days and my head is pounding. The most important thing is that we got through this together and were an incredible team. I couldn’t have pulled this off without Alyssa and would probably be running from the storm. She was her resolve and she had us push on to reach Suwarrow, a place I have dreamed about for years. This island is only visited by sailors, and hardcore sailor/divers at that. You can’t fly here and the price of admission is being a sailor and getting your ass kicked to get here. The water is gorgeous and this place amazing. It’s a divers paradise with mooring balls scattered about for tying the dinghy to. Can’t wait to explore. But for now: celebration, showers, rest and cleaning. What a F**king ride!

LEwis & The Tough-as-Nails Mermaid

June 20, 2015

Suwarrow Atoll, Cook Islands

13 14.905 S
163 06 467 W

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  1. Pamela Fives's Gravatar Pamela Fives
    June 22, 2015    

    Hi Kids… You are an amazing team… My best thoughts go to you… with Hugs & Love, GrandmaMama

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