Gunkholing Down the Gold Coast

We sailed from Careyes to Tenacatita today and are anchored off a little beach town named La Manzanilla in Bahia Tenacatita.  I snagged a WiFi signal with our booster.  We are listening to the waves crash onshore about 80 yards from Ellie.  The sunset is magnificent with hues of pink behind grey airbrushed clouds,

Here is a recap of the past week or so…

So we hid out in Chamela Bay behind Isla Pajarera for about 5 days before deciding to move on due to lack of fresh veggies and a very strong desire for ice!  While there I cleaned the bottom and replaced the zincs, made sun shades for the entire foredeck, programmed two redundant navigation laptops and found time for exploring and relaxing.  Alyssa was feeling under the weather so she enjoyed her “girl-time” watching chick flicks every day while I went fishing.  I speared a beautiful yellow jack and Alyssa cooked up a storm of a meal – Asian stir fry – and we ate like kings!

One afternoon the wind was dead calm so we broke out the fishing poles and went trolling around the island.  Then we took the dinghy to the other side of the bay and landed on what appeared to be a private beach.  It was surreal.  Palm trees backing a white sand beach that was only about 100 yards long with towering cliffs on each side.  I tried knocking down a few coconuts while Lyss gathered shells from the beach to make a necklace.  A security guard came by on a 4-wheeler but we got a pass most likely due to the color of our skin…  We then went island hoping back to Ellie.  It was a fantastic day.

The next day we made the very long passage (a whole 2 miles) to the NW corner of the bay and anchored off a little beach town called Perula. We went ashore and scrounged up some fresh veggies.  A few tomatoes from one mini-mart, a head of broccoli from another, some cilantro from yet another, grabbed some ice and made one more stop to pick up the only orange that didn’t have a roach on it!  The Princess was thoroughly grossed out by that place..

Later that night we decided to grab some tacos in town.  We enjoyed an enormous meal of adobaba tacos with all the fixin’s  for a total price of 56 pesos (about $4.50 US).  The food was absolutely delicious and totally worth the pain we both felt the next morning while “paying” for the fact that we ate Mexican street food the night before. [Note: It’s surprisingly easy to stay skinny eating Mexican street tacos ;-)] We then strolled back to the beach and found some live music at an open-air palapa.  We spent the evening swinging in hammocks and watching these hilarious, friendly, drunken Canadians party the night away.  Once the band was done playing no less than three couples had invited us to their homes the next day!  Unfortunately we wanted to pull anchor and depart in the morning so we politely declined the invitations.  But, we can certainly say we have some friends in Bahia Chamela!

The next day (I would tell you which day but we stopped keeping track) we weighed anchor and set sail for Paraiso, 8 miles south.  When we arrived outside Paraiso we evaluated the conditions and decided to keep sailing south.  Unfortunately there was a large (10 – 12 foot) NW swell running and Paraiso is exposed to the NW.  There was one sailboat anchored inside the cove and he was getting tossed around pretty severely. 

We sailed for Bahia Careyes, a few miles further south.  We studied the cruising guides and knew about the narrow entrance and dangerous rock that was awash only at low tide but decided to give it a go.  Sailing into that bay was hair-raising!  Seeing waves break on a rock barely awash and only having about 40 yards between the rock and a rocky island is scary!  Despite the exciting entrance we made it safely into the protection of the bay and sounded around to find a decent spot to drop the hook.  We anchored right outside Playa Careyes and once the hook was down and set we looked around and were in awe of the spectacularly beautiful surroundings.

Bahia Careyes is by far the most picturesque place we have ever anchored.  Words can’t start to describe the beauty so I may not even try.  The pictures below speak for themselves. One thing I will mention is the pink deciduous trees.  I have never seen lush green hillsides sprinkled with bright pink trees; it is breathtakingly beautiful! 

We spent one night in Careyes before sailing south to Bahia Tenacatita.  Here are some pics of the past week:

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  1. Debbie & Glenn's Gravatar Debbie & Glenn
    January 16, 2014    

    Hey Kids!!! So excited to see your post! Sounds like you are having a blast. Isn’t Careyes magical? One of my favorite anchorages. We are in the states, ugh! Today is doctor day. Hoping for good report. We will let you know. Can’t wait to get back and sail south. Your pictures are bringing back a lot of great memories from last season!

  2. armando y lupita's Gravatar armando y lupita
    January 21, 2014    

    hi my friends how are you,, is nice to see you again trough the pictures, plase send more in these page please ok, and tell us how are you been ,, tank you …we remember you …lupita,arturo and my , dont forget us ok.. bay….
    you look very nice in the pics….

    • January 21, 2014    

      Hola Armando y Lupita (Pupita)! So good to hear from you! Thank you for sending the comment. Of course we will never forget you both; your graciousness to us during our visit is something we will never forget. We are looking forward to staying in touch. Have a great day. Lewis and Alyssa

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