Hawaii to Fanning Atoll – Day 1

Day 1 Summary:

At 0700 this morning we had covered 145 miles since leaving Kona and were 113 miles south of the Big Island and 800 miles N of Fanning Atoll.

We nailed the weather window and the forecast was right on. We motored south in the lee of the Big Island and found the SE wind about 12 miles from south point. The wind was wrapping around the island and piped up to about 20 knots at the peak but the sea state was manageable and we bashed into it close-hauled making upwards of 7.5 knots at times, helped along by a favorable south-setting current. Once we cleared the island the wind settled down to low teens and we had an absolutely beautiful sail on a course of due south through the night. The east wind is picking up and turning north now. We expect to see the NE trades sometime this evening. We have kept all of our easting in the bank so when the NE trades fill in we’ll change course to 190T and run off for Fanning.

All is well onboard and we are rested and well fed by the onboard master chef 😉  I think our battery bank is at the end of it’s life. Something I forgot to address in Hawaii. Voltage drops noticeably at night when you put a load on, I’ll have to decide whether the house bank can make it to Australia or if we should look into having batteries shipped to Pago Pago, American Samoa. Allan – When you get a moment, would you mind checking if USPS will ship Lifeline AGM batteries priority? That will probably drive the decision.

Otherwise, Ellie is sailing like a champ, we have ice-cold draft beer and sparkling water on tap and sunny skies to keep the fridge cold. We have our sea legs back and are getting back into the groove of being at sea. All smiles this morning.

Manuia from the Pacific Ocean!

Lewis & Alyssa

April 27, 2015

16 50 N
156 24 W
6.5 Kts
16.5 Kts Wnd
6-8 Ft Sea

Thank You

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