Hawaii to Fanning – Day 2 – Part 2

The Mermaid’s post this morning was awesome. I just wanted to add a couple happenings…

I had a very rude awakening this morning. I woke up to Ellie running down huge tradewind seas and lurching violently side to side when she gets thrown down wave faces. I was not anticipating the more extreme motion when I made my way to the head. Once in the doorway of the head she lurched and rocked violently to starboard.  The movement threw me head-first into the head and I smacked my head against the hand rail, hard. Not the most enjoyable morning I’ve ever had.

The seas are big, the wind is whipping up spray, and we are running like hell for the fire swamp (the ITCZ). The fire swamp, as we’ll call it on this passage, it where we will find solace amongst different dangers such as strong squalls and thunderstorms, but at least it will kill these strong trades and accompanying seas. We are about 327 miles away and at this pace should be there on Thursday night or Friday morning.

At least we’re making good time. Like Alyssa said, we’re making haste for the fire swamp and potentially calm seas beyond. In the meantime, tell the trades to “simmer.”


April 28, 2015

14 37 N
157 01 W
6.8 knots SOG
24 Kts from 65 degrees
7-13 Ft Barftastic Seas

Thank You

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