Hawaii to Fanning – Day 5 – Rainy Day Blues

At 21:00 UTC we were 800 miles S of Ko Olina Marina, 690 miles SW by S of the Big Island, and 250 miles NW by N of our destination of Fanning Atoll, two more days at this crawl.

Well, we made it deep into the fire swamp. Non-stop rain and squalls all night. The silver lining is that the rain and squalls have flattened the seas a bit and the wind is slowly dropping below 20. The wind is too inconsistent for the monitor to steer so we have the autopilot on and doing its best – the problem is that its best is like having a drunken moron at the helm. It’s on its deathbed and the clicking coming from the belt means the gears may or may not make it all the way to Fanning. It’s had a decent run over the past 10,000 miles so we’ll forgive its terrible performance on this leg.  But I plan to swap it out with the spare once we reach Fanning.

The bilge pump is still on strike and we are having to prime it once in a while. That means sticking your mouth over the disgusting hose and blowing through with enough force to get the water through the pump. Unfortunately poor Alyssa took a mouthful of blowback from the hose while she was trying to clear the hose – let’s just say there was a lot of hissing, bad looks and talk of buying a house on land, that doesn’t move, that is not covered in saltwater in every crevice, that has laundry machines, that doesn’t require standing in the rain to get somewhere, etc.

Another funny Mermaid story (she’s sleeping so can’t censor me right now 😉 ) is her offshore sailing attire as of late. I venture that she is trying to get out of the mindset of being offshore so instead of wearing her waterproof foul weather gear when she is on shift (and thus stay dry while gong to the helm or adjusting the sail, etc) she has decided to wear a pink nightgown/bathrobe. I asked her about this choice but it was a fool’s errand – I had forgotten about the infallible estrogen-soaked logic that prevails in times such as these…my reasoning didn’t stand a chance. Although it is an added bonus to see her shed the robe and grab the helm to get the boat back on course, all the while standing nude in the rain. She may not be smiling while out there in the cold rain, but I am enjoying every second of the entertainment.

Time to get back to babysitting the drunken autopilot. I’m also turning the engine on. Too many wind shifts for drunkie to hold a decent course, and our diesel tanks are full.

El Cap & The Princess Pea in the Pink Nightgown

May 1, 2015

21:16 Z
07 58 N
158 46 W
177 T
5.5 KTS

Thank You

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