Hawaiian Islands Exit Strategy – It’s Howling!

The send-off party was a huge success. We hosted about 40 of our friends on Ellie and down the dock. The keg was emptied halfway through the party, which happened to be right after the Aussies showed up! Our friends were jamming on guitars and Ellie’s waterline was half a foot below the boot stripe! We have made some amazing friends here and we’ll miss them all when we leave.

Today is our last day in the marina….so we are suppose to leave tomorrow….but it’s howling 30 knots in the marina and the forecast is for stronger winds through Wednesday. We learned our lesson last fall. We’re not going anywhere until the wind abates. No need to beat the crap out of Ellie and crew when we can patiently wait for a better weather window to head south. To make the passage even less appealing, in about 5 days they are forecasting multiple low pressure systems/tropical storm centers spinning on the edge of the 30 knot trades around 10N and huge squalls and thunder boomers – ya – F*** sailing into that crap!

So here’s our plan:

1) Wait until the trades shift to the ESE, which is forecast for Wednesday and Thursday. Then the Big Island creates a large enough lee of dead/light air to possibly get to Maui (80 miles east) or even all the way to the lee of the Big Island (150 miles east). We will try to make the Big Island but if we fall short we’ll head for Maui.

2) Once in Maui or the Big Island we’ll fuel back up and wait for the trades to lighten up. The current forecast is calling for lighter trades on the 30th – 1st. We’ll use those lighter trades to sail south to Fanning. The ITCZ also looks much less active after the 1st. [Stronger trades = stronger ITCZ]

So hopefully this plan works and we’ll be in Fanning around the 7th-8th of May. Timing the passage is tricky because we want to leave the islands in moderate trades but we also need to time our arrival in Fanning to clear in during the week so we avoid overtime clearance charges. We’ll be watching the forecast closely and heading out as soon as the wind lightens up a bit.

We’ll write again before we depart the islands. Hopefully it will be a message of satisfaction with our amazing weather interpretation and smooth crossing between the islands and NOT another horror story! We have the utmost respect for the seas between these islands so we will be as patient as necessary. 


Lewis & Alyssa

Ko Olina Marina, Oahu, HI


  1. Pamela Fives's Gravatar Pamela Fives
    April 21, 2015    

    Hi Kids… I’m so happy you know what you’re doing… Stay safe and know I care… Love to both of you… GrandmaMama

    • April 22, 2015    

      Hi Grandma Mama!
      Thank you so much for your warm wishes. I’m going to miss our brief phone calls! I love you so much! Feel free to email me at our at sea email address so we can keep in touch.

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