Life in Bora Bora

We weren’t kidding when we said we set the hook hard and were going to stay a while.  We haven’t touched our anchor since the last post.  One would think that it’s all pina coladas and mai tai’s, but you’d guess wrong.  See, life on the hook in a beautiful setting such as this is a wonderful thing; but it’s not without a required balance of upkeep and chores.  To that end, we have been filling our days with some much needed repairs and housekeeping.

We spent the past three days rebedding all of the port chainplates, one per day.  They were slowly leaking when it rained or when we were shipping seas so it was overdue.  We pulled each plate completely out, cleaned, inspected, sealed and replaced.  It was definitely a two person job and Alyssa’s help was much appreciated, especially each time I heard a yelp from the galley signaling that she stabbed herself again with the wire brush.  I used epoxy putty to seal off the wood core inside the deck and then butyl tape for the final sealant around the chainplate and under the deck plate.  The end result was a water tight seal that should last for many years to come.  

Today we fired up the watermaker and Lyss took up her favorite backbreaking job of hand washing our laundry.  The trades are blowing strong so it was dry in a few hours.  We then filled our tanks and even heated some water for the Princess’ much deserved HOT shower!

We waded out onto the sandy reef yesterday to fly the stunt kite I picked up back in Morro Bay and we had a blast.  It was Alyssa’s first time flying a stunt kite and she didn’t crash it once!  Not bad considering I slammed it into the water half a dozen times..

We also found a pizza place across the bay that has an actual wood fired oven.  The pizza was delicious but I think they fuel the wood oven with francs because it sure was pricey!

On the way over here last week we sailed over a coral wall on the edge of the reef and saw sea turtles so tomorrow we are going to load up the dink with our dive gear and go check it out.  Hopefully we’ll upload some pics of the Mermaid swimming with her turtle friends!


Lewis & Alyssa

Bora Bora, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia

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