Lost Pictures from Visits with the Pirates and with MamaRina!!

Going through our camera and realized we hadn’t uploaded pics from the great times we had a couple weeks ago with Bruce (SKABENGA), Glenn & Debbie (BEACH ACCESS), Chris & Lila (PRIVATEER) and of the awesome visit with MamaRina (FYFM), Alyssa’s Mom. We had a blast with you all!  Thanks Bruce for the help running those engine wires! Glenn for the epic margaritas! Rina for hauling boat parts, for all the birthday fun and the great visit!  And congrats to Chris and Lila on the newborn baby boy!  Here are some pics of the visits and of the mandatory party that ensued when tres Pirates get together!

IMG_5957 IMG_5992 IMG_5995 IMG_6004 IMG_6018 IMG_5975

One thought on “Lost Pictures from Visits with the Pirates and with MamaRina!!”

  1. Hi Kids… Love the pictures… You all look great… And so does the sunshine… I’ve been underwater for too long!!! Love & Hugs, GrandmaMama

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