Makin’ Water and the A**hole Panguero

Today was a very productive day.  We rose with the sun and prepared to take Ellie to sea.  After stowing everything and spending the better part of an hour rinsing all the nasty mud off the anchor chain, we headed for the fuel dock.  After fueling up and giving Ellie a good scrub down we pointed her bow offshore.  Once outside the breakwater we fired up our awesome watermaker (a Cruise RO high-capacity unit) and started filling our empty 115 gallon water tanks.  We can produce over 33 gallons of fresh water per hour so we only needed to be out for a few hours before returning to the brackish muddy water of the Barra lagoon.

We had a nice sail about 8 miles offshore before turning back for the breakwater.  We turned back early because some wind chop was kicking up and we didn’t want to get even ONE LITTLE DROP of saltwater on our freshly washed stainless and spotless topsides.  About halfway back we were getting ready to pickle the watermaker and were filling a 5-gallon bucket with membrane preservative and product water and then out of nowhere this fkn a**hole panguero came up on our stern at about 25 knots, took the port side mere inches from hitting us, and SPRAYED A HUGE WAKE OF SALT WATER ALL OVER OUR FRESHLY WASHED STAINLESS AND TOPSIDES!  We couldn’t believe it!  We both looked at eachother dumbstruck and couldn’t believe what the a-hole just did.  After a brief moment I went from dumbstruck to really pissed off and started screaming at his wake and blaring my air horn.  Of course he disappeared towards town probably still downing his cervezas and killing the last of his few brain cells.

If we were in the marina it wouldn’t be a big deal.  Boats are meant to get water on them right?  But we AREN’T in the marina and we take extra care to keep the highly corrosive salt water off our rigging and stainless when possible.  Not to mention how dangerous and careless the idiot was.  

I spent the last of our sail brainstorming ways to get back at the guy….but we figure that karma will catch up with him…and when you spend your life at sea, you need all the good karma you can get.

Anyways, that was our day.  We are anchored back in the lagoon in the same spot but with one huge difference…FULL WATER TANKS!  We figure we can stay another 8-9 days without needing water again.  

We still love it here and are having a great time.  So, how are you?  Is there ice on the docks at Bair Island yet??

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  1. slove's Gravatar slove
    February 1, 2014    

    I see you met my cousin with his new panguero 🙂 I asked him to cruise by real close-like and give your fenders a little bump (because I know you have them dragging while under sail). I’m not sure how the docks at Bair are, but DC is still a frigid icebox. However I am actually getting used to it. I kinda even quit biking to work because my face and hands would instantaneously freeze. So now I mostly walk/jog/do lunges/push-ups on my pedestrian commute to work……you do remember work riiiight? well never-the-less I’ll tell my pinche jotito cousin to die and rot in hell for spraying your stainless with salt. Glad to see an update! and glad you are still enjoying it there….I read about a guy who liked it so much there that he built a house while living on the hook right near there. Some rich gringo. I’ll email the link. Cheers! xoxoxoxo

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