Marquesas to Hawaii Day 9 – Riding the NE Trades!

We are 9 days out of the Marquesas and have put 1,200 miles in our wake since leaving Anaho Bay.  We’re officially through the ITCZ and riding the light NE trades over a gentle NE swell.  The ITCZ was almost non-existent with a few squalls just heavy enough to rinse the salt off Ellie’s rigging.  The motor came on for half a day while we bounced and heaved over a mixed swell with less than 5 knots of ground wind.  Yesterday the NE trades started to fill in from the east at 8 knots and we ghosted over the smooth seas close-hauled on a course of due north.  When the wind died we both jumped in the sapphire blue water with one eye out for sharks and the other out for jellies.  We spent the afternoon hanging out listening to music in the cockpit and downing some ice cold Hinanos.  Alyssa made sushi for lunch and we had leftover lasagna for dinner.  We ended our great day by watching Waterworld before turning in.  We are thoroughly enjoying these tranquilo conditions as we know they will not last.  Tomorrow the winds and seas are forecast to pick up so we’ll put the bone back in Ellie’s teeth, put the wind on the beam and make haste for dry land!  We should make Hilo in 6 days if we can keep our speed above 6 knots.  That shouldn’t be a problem as we have picked up the north equatorial current and it will only intensify as we climb north.  We should be back to posting speeds above 7 knots once Ellie finds some more breeze.

We have yet to put the fishing lines back in the water.  We’re still working through the tuna and mahi we caught in the Marquesas!  Our freezer is the size of a shoebox so there is little point in fishing until we make a serious dent in our current supply.  The vegetables are holding up very well and we still have tomatoes, cucumber, pamplemouse and we cut some bananas from the stalk and put them in the fridge so they last a few more days.  The melons rotted right away and the herbs were toast within the first few days.  It’s been really great having the fresh fruit and veggies.  We have barely touched our canned food, which we were both starting to tire of after spending so much time in the Tuamotus without fresh fruit and veggies.

I have been planning our attack on the Hawaiian Islands and getting excited about the route.  We will plan to visit every island between Hawaii and Oahu in the month we have before we fly back to CA.  I hope they rent motorcycles on the Big Island because it’s been waaaay too long and that would be an awesome way to see the island.

We’ll write again in a couple days.  Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.

Lewis & Alyssa

October 19, 2014

800 nm SE of Hilo, Hawaii

11 01 N
144 23 W

Thank You

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