Mermaids and Waterfalls on Great Barrier Island

The title of this post just described the recipe for a perfect day on Great Barrier Island.  A 7km hike up to the natural hot springs followed by a hike up a treacherous trail with very slippery mud and moss to reach the ultimate payoff: a secluded picturesque waterfall.  Despite the freezing cold water, and the fact that we didn’t even get in the hot springs, we both jumped in for an invigorating dip under the falls.  The afternoon came to a close with a stroll back to Great Barrier Lodge for an afternoon dessert on the patio overlooking Quixotic riding peacefully to her anchor.  What an awesome day!

Reluctantly sailing back to Whangarei tomorrow for some last-minute repairs and to buy some additional spares before sailing north back to Fiji in a few weeks.  It’s been amazing out here and it won’t be the last time we visit.

Stay tuned for an incredible video of dolphins riding our bow wake and for passage prep updates!

Lew & Lyss

Whangaparapara Bay, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

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