More Pictures from the Crossing!

We are in Nuku Hiva and found an actual internet connection!  I will post more pics from our recent island adventures in the next post.  I am currently trying to figure out the fastest way to get a new raw water pump shipped here.  Talking to people across the globe….stay tuned.

DSCF1011 DSCF1044 DSCF1055 DSCF1060 DSCF1063 DSCF1079 DSCF1082 DSCF1087 IMG_0009

IMG_0012 IMG_0025 IMG_0060 IMG_0065 IMG_0077 IMG_0093 IMG_0100 IMG_0108 IMG_0122


IMG_0126 IMG_0131 IMG_0138 IMG_0141 IMG_0162 IMG_0164 IMG_0178 IMG_0184 IMG_0192

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