New Zealand to Fiji Passage – Day 2 – Calms!

Hey all!  After bashing to windward for a day and a half and seeing just how much salt we could carry, we found some squalls to wash most of it off and are now becalmed.  The swell is still with us but the wind has gone. We are motoring up and over the mixed swells, but luckily they are long enough period that we are keeping great speed and not slamming anymore.

We have sailed 190 nautical miles in the past 24 hours.  We are 359 nm from Whangarei and 829 nm from Savusavu.  We are also only 194 nm from the Kermadec Islands..

We are loving the new engines! We have been averaging 8 – 8.5 knots with both engines around 2200 RPM.  I just brought them up to 3000 for 5 minutes and we were doing 10 – 10.5 Knots (we must have some favorable current as well)!  Luckily for our new engines those speeds are not sustainable due to lack of fuel economy. But we have had the engines going for 33 hours now and we have consumed approximately 50 gallons. That’s about 0.75 GPH per engine – not bad.

The very talented Mermaid Chef prepared a delicious Easter dinner for us yesterday. We started with appetizers: deviled eggs, brie, veggies, brown rice crackers and of course the dips.  Then for our main course she roasted a chicken stuffed with onions and potatoes in a herb butter sauce.  A side of sauteed garlic spinach and garlic bread completed the plate.  We shared a glass of red wine while the sun set over the open water and threw bright hues of orange, red, yellow and pink into the southern skies.  It was lovely.

We have both caught up on sleep now that the seas have calmed down. The forecast is calling for another day or so of light wind that will clock to the south and slowly fill in.  We should have wind from behind by tomorrow (spinnaker time!).

Hope everyone is having a great Easter back home. Hi to the family!  We love you and miss you!


23:50 UTC
30 31.7 S, 177 50.4 E
Wind: 5 E
Seas: 4-6 wind waves and 14-16ft SE swell 10 sec.
Water temp: 71.5 degrees F
Clothes: Shorts and t-shirt!



Thank You

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