Nuku Hiva to Hawaii, Day 10

What a rough night.
We’ve sailed 1324nm from Nuku Hiva and have 752nm to go.
As we finished dinner last night, we could see we were approaching a very large squall line. Within 2 hours we had mixed seas, gusts of 20kts winds from opposite directions, long periods of no wind, and lots and lots of lightning. I immediately put our portable gps and vhf in the oven and turned on the engine. I wanted to get through this as quickly as possible and try and stabilize the boat so our sails would not flog when there was no wind. It would downpour during the calms, filling our poorly designed dorade boxes. We’ve tried everything to stop these from filling with water. The drain holes are only on one side and seem to funnel water in, so we’ve plugged those with butle tape. I’ve shoved dish towels inside to sop up the water and stop it from splashing huge amounts of water at a time, but in rough weather like this, there’s no stopping water from coming into our cabin. The most frustrating part is that the dorade vent is directly above our head when we’re sleeping in the midcabin bunk with the lee cloth. When I went to replace the air vent with the cap on the port dorade, the entire teak wood piece came off, pulling the screws from the fiberglass and exposing a nice hole straight into the port cabin. I quickly capped the hole and strapped the wood piece back into place for the time being. How frustrating!!! These things were designed so poorly!!!! I wish I could fiberglass over the entire thing.
The wind finally came back, but the clouds and rain are still present. We’ve fallen off for a rhumline course to Hilo and have 19.5kts on the beam. We are making 6.3kts and are a little queasy from the swell. It was so pleasant the past week, we forgot what it was like to feel like crap at sea with little sleep. It should only stay like this for the next two days and then calm down again.
Propagation has been terrible the past 24hrs, so don’t be worried if I don’t email on time in the next few days. We’ll be in HI in no time with this NE wind:)


1545 zulu
12 26.53N
145 04.16W
6.2kts sog
19kts ENE
1009 barometer

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  1. Debbie & Glenn's Gravatar Debbie & Glenn
    October 21, 2014    

    Hang in there kids!! You are awesome!! Looking forward to reading the landfall post!! We leave tomorrow for San Diego in prep for the Ha-Ha start on 10/27. You should be in Hilo by then.

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