Nuku Hiva to Hawaii, Day 14


We have only 115nm to go and are counting down the miles. We have gone 146nm in the past 24hrs. We are keeping up speed around 6kts, only because the wind is expected to die off completely as we near the big island as it rises above the volcanic mountains. We will likely take our time once we are near and motor in at first light so we have plenty of time to find good holding in Reed’s Bay before launching the dingy and for Lewis to walk to customs.

We had another pleasant night with steady winds around 16kts and it has been surprisingly easy to keep our rhumbline course for Hilo. We’ve hardly touched the monitor wind vane for the last 5 days. Today we will be making water, topping off the batteries, charging all our electronics (and cell phone), and cleaning up the messy boat since I expect to be boarded by agriculture and customs. We only have 5 tomatoes left and I threw overboard two small heads of cabbage and a couple cucumbers. I am never buying cabbage again. It’s gross and we don’t use it. I don’t care how well it keeps. lol. I’m looking forward to the farmer’s market in Hilo. It’s supposed to be the best in all of the Hawaiian islands.

The previous owners of Ellie are vacationing on the other side of the big island and are planning to meet up with us early next week. He and two other guys did this same passage but from Tahiti to Kona and it took them 19 days, more hard on the wind. He’s been following our progress and giving us advice along the way. It will be nice catching up with friends on land for a while:)






19 04.39N

153 16.20W


6.1kts sog

17kts E

2010 barometer



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