On Passage – Raroia to the Marquesas

This evening I am proud of Ellie and her crew.  Any damn fool with a pile of flotsam can put up a swath of canvas and drift downwind.  It is a beautiful achievement to raise purpose-cut cloth, sheet it in at the perfect angle and gracefully drive a yacht upwind over swells and against the current.  That is exactly what Ellie is doing tonight.  After 800 upwind miles while burning less than 6 gallons of diesel we can confidently say that Ellie has drawn her masterpiece on the canvas of the majestic South Pacific.  The gap between her main- and fore-sail is perfect and allowing the sails to fully draw and effortlessly pull her upwind.  The Monitor is keeping her course and silently guiding her sails at the optimum angle through the trades.  You can feel Ellie surging forward as she falls off each swell with a splash of phosphorescence.  The sea has graced us with another spectacular show of lights in the form of a magnificent sunset.  The moment we are enjoying is a thing of grace and beauty unmatched by any other form of art I have even seen.

We are on passage, two days out of Raroia and bound for the Marquesas.  We should see the impressive volcanic spires within three days if this pleasant breeze holds.  We raced ahead of a convergence zone and it seems we made it to the other side as we are enjoying the spoils, 10 knots of warm easterly trades.  We plan to load up with fresh fruit and vegetables in the Marquesas before sailing for Hawaii.

Lewis & Alyssa

October 2, 2014

On Passage – South Pacific Ocean

12  51.2 S
139 51.2 W


  1. Debbie & Glenn's Gravatar Debbie & Glenn
    October 5, 2014    

    …Goose bumps…!!!!

  2. Bob & Miriam's Gravatar Bob & Miriam
    October 12, 2014    

    The October Lat 38 has another item about you two, with great pictures
    in the Changes section. I am going to pronounce you two the official
    poster couple for this season! What a great blog you’ve kept up, and
    have entertained us all with your excellent adventures!

    P.S. I have saved copies of the Lats for you.

Thank You

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