Our Own Private Island

We have been anchored behind our own private island we named ‘Ellie Island’ for the past two days.  We found this spot on our Google maps satellite images and threaded our way through coral heads and reefs to get here.  It’s even more picturesque than the last spot.  Palm trees, white sand beaches, turquoise water, tons of coral, fish and lots of sharks!

Yesterday we loaded up the kayak with all our dive gear and headed out into the lagoon to dive the back side of a huge coral head that dropped from a few feet below the surface down to 60 feet.  The coral is in amazing condition and the colors are beautiful.  There are thousands of tropical fish and we even had about six black tip reef sharks investigating us, which made the Princess a bit nervous!

After lunch I put on the dive gear and dropped down directly below Ellie and found a coral head about 20 feet high teeming with life.  There were a few big groupers and some other good sized fish that looked like good eating so I surfaced and had Alyssa throw me my spear gun.  We attached a line to the spear gun so that after I got the shot off she could pull the fish up to the boat before the sharks got a hold of our dinner!  I went back down and sat on the sandy sea floor near the coral head and patiently waited for our dinner to arrive.  After about 8 minutes the big grouper came back and I slowly took aim and landed a head shot.  I tugged twice on the line and was nervously scanning for the sharks.  The gun wasn’t rising and it seemed stuck.  Just as I managed to free the spear from the coral I saw the black tip sharks coming fast.  Luckily Alyssa got the fish up to the boat before they were able to tear into it.  After I surfaced I realized that objects underwater really do seem larger and my ‘huge grouper’ looked more like a guppy.  So we decided to have a little fun with the sharks.  I cut off its head and with cameras rolling we threw it in.  Immediately the sharks went into a frenzy fighting over the head.  I then took the camera and put it into the water to film them underwater while Alyssa threw more chunks of fish to them.  We got some awesome video and some of the sharks came within a few feet of the camera!  We’ll have to upload it when we reach civilization again.

This anchorage is amazing, beautiful, secluded, private and peaceful.  There are no boats, no people, no noise, no pollution, just the sound of waves, wind, birds and swaying palm trees.  The cockpit also faces west in the prevailing east wind affording us amazing sunsets.  I have dreamed of finding a place like this and now we are living in it!  I wish we could stay forever.

Today is Alyssa’s ‘free day’ to do whatever she wants.  Apparently I am exhausting with all my energy to go diving/fishing/exploring/swimming/kayaking/etc so we had to establish these ‘free days’ when she gets to go as slow as she wants and do whatever it is she feels like.  Fortunately for me the result is usually amazing food and baked goods and ALWAYS a happier Princess!  It’s a win-win.  Today I have to fire up the watermaker and dive compressor and fill all our tanks.  Then I’m thinking hammock time and starting a new book.

Yea, life is good on Ellie Island.

Oh and if you have any recipes utilizing bananas (besides banana bread) please email them to us.  We brought a stock of bananas from the Marquesas and they all ripen at once!  We need to use about 35 bananas in the next couple days and I can only eat so many peanut butter and banana sandwiches!

Lewis and Alyssa

May 17, 2014

Anchored: Ellie Island, Raroia, Tuamotus, French Polynesia

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  1. Bob & Miriam's Gravatar Bob & Miriam
    May 19, 2014    

    El Capitan and Mermaid,
    Congratulations to you both for reaching your own Shangri-la. Life is for the
    living, and as you’ve discovered, it’s a very good life! We back home are
    thrilled with your adventures and follow the events, easy and tough, with
    equal wonder and admiration. Huzzah!!

    Bob and the Rabbit

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