Pacific Crossing- Day 12 Happy Birthday, Dad!

I just wanted to send a Happy Birthday to my dad Allan. I would have never grown my sea legs without you!
My appreciation for cruising and respect for the sea has grown so much since my first passage across the Pacific with my parents. That first long leg at sea was a life-changing experience where I learned to be at peace with whatever is thrown my way. You learn to take on challenges with a level-head, catch rain water when the watermaker stops working, turn lemons into lemonade and “go confidently in the direction of your dreams” as Lewis often quotes. It takes a lot of research, preparation, and courage to put to sea, most of which I overlooked when I arrived just two days before we left Marina La Cruz for the Puddle Jump of 2009. Having now done it makes me a little embarrassed I ever referred to it as “boring” as quoted in Latitude 38 (January 2014). This life is far from boring. Cruising is a lifestyle, looking for the sweet, untouched edge of the world which you can only reach by first experiencing the bitter “gray b*tch”. I often complain about long passages where our biggest annoyance is the sleep deprivation. But without that middle of the night oh-so-dark shift, you would never see the brightest web of stars most dirt people will never see without the hindrance of civilization’s lights on the horizon. Without the squalls and rain, our home would never be rinsed of salt or bird shit. And without those pesky birds, we wouldn’t have a ballet to watch during captain’s hour while listening to Kenny Chesney’s “It’s That Time of Day”.
So thank you, dad, for all of your words of wisdom through life’s bitter tidbits, your guiding advice that fills my sails, and loving support in each adventure I pursue. Happy Birthday!
Love Alyssa

Current Position:

16:00 Z

10 20 N

120 57 W

230 True

6.4 knots

Winds: 18 knots from the NE

Seas: 8-10’NE with 3-5′ wind chop

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  1. Mark Ohlau's Gravatar Mark Ohlau
    March 22, 2014    

    Alyssa and Lewis…Greetings from more of your Sutter Creek friends following your voyage!
    Your comment about seeing the stars with no light to dim their awesome display, rings true with me. I can’t tell you how many times while crossing an ocean, or an uninhabited part of our Earth, that I have sat in wonder of the stars. Some of my friends think I am nuts to sit for long periods of time with the cockpit lights dimmed, gazing out at the sky!
    Take care!
    Mark and Melissa

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