Pacific Crossing – Day 15

We have sailed approximately 1,600 nautical miles since leaving Zihuatanejo and we are 1,250 miles from our destination of Hiva Oa.  We are making 5.5 knots on a course of 210 true with the wind on our port quarter and the seas just abaft the port beam.

All is well onboard.  We have been reading, sleeping and relaxing.  Alyssa is almost finished with the book Storm Tactics by Lin and Larry Pardey.  I have been making my way through a few books, one of which is on celestial navigation with the goal of eventually being able to navigate via the stars and heavenly bodies.  Lofty goal, we’ll see how it goes.

We have begun our preparations for the official ceremony at the equator.  Allan sent us the history and authentic ceremony that has been performed on the old tall ships since about the 16th century.  Since I have not sailed across the equator yet I am considered a ‘Pollywog’ but once we sail across the equator and the obligatory dunking is performed I will become a ‘Shellback.’  As you recall, Alyssa is already a Shellback from her crossing with her parents in 2009.  Stay tuned for more on the upcoming festivities.

We have started learning French. It is slowly coming back to me; I took two years in high school.  Seems it will be harder to try and learn than Spanish was, but I’m sure the longer we are exposed to the language, the more we will pick up.

We are also going through all of our cruising guides and planning our attack on the islands.  We are getting very excited to be sailing around the most beautiful group of islands in the world.  For those who are not familiar with the Marquesas, punch it into google image search, the islands are breathtaking and awesomely impressive.  Think: Jurassic Park.

I will be making more water today so princess can shower.  It is getting extremely hot and humid and there is no reprieve from the sweltering heat during the day.

We are getting very close to the ITCZ.  According to yesterday’s forecast, we should enter the ITCZ somewhere around 5.5 N and it currently extends to 1 N.  We still have ample fuel reserves so when the wind dies our plan is to point 190 south and motor until we are clear of the calms and strong squalls.

Have to go trim the sails.  Adios!

Current position:

20:00 Z

07 08 N

127 00 W

210 True

5.5 knots

Wind: 10 knots from the NE

Seas: 5-7ft from the E and 2 foot wind chop from the NE

Thank You

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