Pacific Crossing – Day 19

We’re at 1 degree north and only one day away from crossing the equator.  We are on a heading of 200 but our course over ground is 180!  We are fighting a strong equatorial counter-current that runs from west to east along these latitudes.  My book says we should have left this current when we crossed 2 N but it is just getting stronger.  The current is making westing extremely difficult.  We will have to settle for due south until we are out of the grips of this mid-ocean river.

Still motor-sailing.  Will need to fill the main tank today.  Last night I added one jerry can (5.5 gallons) which was enough to motor all morning but this afternoon I will have to top it off.

I will also run the watermaker today to fill the starboard tank.  We are still keeping the port tank full as reserve.

We came up on the sailboat Discovery last night.  They were hove-to with a white light showing.  I picked them up from a visual scan at a range of 6nm.  At 4nm I got them on radar and hailed them.  No answer.  Once we were only 2nm distant they raised us on the VHF and we had a nice chat.  They were catching up on sleep before pushing on.  I asked about their inoperable engine (I heard of their engine trouble on the SSB Pacific Puddle Jump Net); Andy replied they fixed it.  They had a clogged fuel line before the racor fuel filter so they were working to clear it for a couple days.  I was glad to hear they were well and was ready to help if they needed anything.  I carry a whole diesel fuel polishing unit that would be a life saver out here!

I am in dire need of aerobic exercise.  It’s killing me.  A run, a swim, a dive, a hike, anything.  My half-a** attempt at exercise on the boat has been running up and down the companionway stairs but it’s just too hot on the equator for that nonsense.  After 5 minutes I am sweating profusely and it takes me an hour for my body to cool back down.  Hopefully I can go for a swim tomorrow on the equator.  I also have to clean the gooseneck barnacles off the bottom.  I can see them on the waterline.

Well, happy Friday everyone!  Look forward to hearing from you.

Lewis and Alyssa

Pacific Ocean


01 32 N

129 09 W

180 T

3.5 knots

Wind: less than 5 knots from the SSE

Seas: 4 ft smooth rollers from a few directions

Bar: 1010

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  1. Debbie & Glenn's Gravatar Debbie & Glenn
    March 29, 2014    

    We love your posts & read them often. We know you will have an awesome celebration at the equator & can’t wait to read the details. We just got back from Dr trip to US. Weather is beautiful here in La Cruz & hoping to go north to Chacala next week.
    Take care you two. We miss you!!!
    Glennnnn & Debbie

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