Pacific Crossing – Day 20 – At the Equator!!

We are 4 miles from the equator!  We have caught the SE trade winds and are cruising along nicely at 4 knots under full sail.  The wind is on the port bow, the skies are clear and the engine is OFF!

We are excited to be crossing the equator in an hour.  We will stop the boat, heave-to and go for a swim and celebrate.  Spirits are high.

We had our first real mechanical issue last night.  The alternator stopped putting out power.  Luckily a few hours later, the wind filled in and we sailed all night.  I thought it stopped because of an overheating sensor.  But this morning after the engine and alternator were cool I started it up and still no output.  Annoying.  Looks like I get to troubleshoot this thing once we get in to port.

John – Any ideas?  Did the alternator ever cease voltage output?  The external regulator seems to be functioning..  Email our sailmail address if you think of anything.

Luckily we caught the SE trades already.  We should be able to point the bow towards Hiva Oa and hopefully make landfall on one tack.

Cheers from the Equator!!!

Lewis and Alyssa



00 03 N
129 26 W


4.0 knots

Wind: 11 knots SE

Seas: 3-5 feet long period swell

Bar: 1008

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  1. Bob & Miriam's Gravatar Bob & Miriam
    March 30, 2014    

    Heartiest congratulations to you two Shellbacks! Please tell me you
    hoisted a couple of rum concoctions to King Neptune. I’m living
    vicariously in your wake!

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