Pacific Crossing – Day 21

We’re in the southern hemisphere!

We are 21 days out of Zihuatanejo, Mexico bound for Hiva Oa, a mere 775 miles SW.  We have caught the SE trades and are making good way under full sail, clear skies and signature puffy trade wind clouds.  There is a fresh breeze out of the SE driving us forward at 5 knots.  Once again Ellie has caught her stride and seems determined to reach Hiva Oa and take a rest.  The crew is dreaming of towering green spires, tranquil anchorages and baguettes.

The trades have brought much needed reprieve from the heat.  The breeze is very welcome and the humidity has dropped markedly.  We both even felt cold for the first time last night and even sought out blankets.

We crossed the equator yesterday and I transitioned from a ‘Pollywog’ to a ‘Shellback’.  Alyssa presided over the ceremony as she was already a Shellback, class of 2009.  We had a great day.  Alyssa cooked up an awesome country breakfast, complete with hash browns, bacon and eggs.  We enjoyed bloody mary’s while Ellie gracefully cut through the new-to-us SE swell.  We hove-to for a swim and so I could scrape off the surprising amount of barnacles that had accumulated on the waterline over the past few weeks.  We couldn’t stand being dead in the water with 10 knots of wind beckoning from the SE, so we raised full sail, set the windvane and continued to drive towards paradise.  We watched an incredible sunset while sipping boat drinks and listening to Jimmy Buffet, while the hint of fresh-baked pizza wafted up the companionway and into the cockpit.  We ended the night by finishing the movie Dead Calm.  It was a great day at sea.

I’ve put the alternator issue on the backburner for now.  We have great wind so we don’t need the motor and the solar panels are producing ample power to charge the battery bank.  I’ll troubleshoot the issue when we get into port in a week.

Gotta run – time to tuck in a reef.

Current Position:


01 29 SOUTH!
130 12 WEST


5.0 knots

Wind 13-15 SE

Seas: 3-4 feet with 2 foot wind chop

Bar: 1006

Thank You

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