Pacific Crossing – Day 22 – Are We There Yet??

The Princess would like to know if we are there yet.  She asks me this multiple times a day…

The answer is that we are just over 600 miles from Hiva Oa.  We are tearing along, averaging 6 knots.  We are enjoying the best sailing conditions we have had so far.  We have 15 knots of steady breeze out of the SE, the swell is minimal AND FROM ONE DIRECTION! 🙂  The skies are beautifully clear and the the water is a sparkling vivid sapphire blue.

Ellie is flying jib and main with the wind 70 degrees off her port bow.  Now THIS is what I imagined the crossing to be like the entire time!  Loving it.

I saw the southern cross last night.  Definitely in the southern hemisphere now.

Last night, against my will, I was subjected to the cold wrath of the sea.  I had just turned in for the night and was excited to be tucked snugly in my bunk for my sleep shift.  I was just dozing off when Ellie’s bow dug into a particularly large wave.  The wave came over the entire boat and water immediately came flooding into the center hatch and ports on the leeward side!  We had left them open for ventilation and because we hadn’t shipped a drop of water on the cabin top all day.  Well, big mistake.  I was a bit in shock as the seawater continued to pour onto the bunk and all over the bookshelf.  I yelled for Alyssa “Lyss come quick, I’m drenched!!”  We quickly closed the hatches and cursed ourselves for leaving them open.  We then went to work quickly drying any electronics that got wet, taking out batteries, etc.  Half the cushions were soaked and the sheets were toast.  Such is life on the high seas.

Trailing lures again.  Would be nice to catch some more fresh tuna or mahi mahi before arriving in port.  We have some space in the freezer just begging to be filled.

Current position:

Time: 19:19z

Lat: 03 02 S
Long: 131 05 N

Course: 220t

SOG: 6.0 knots

Wind: 15 knots from the SE

Seas: 2-4ft swell

Bar: 1008

Thank You

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